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Miami Book Fair Faux Pas 11/20/14
The Miami Book Fair which is this Saturday November 22nd, has probably made an egregious error in its decision to feature both former White House Counsel John Dean and liberal author Rick Perlstein this Saturday as both have new books that are now under fire.

Clearing The Deck For Jeb? 11/20/14
43rd President George W. Bush's biography of his father George Herbert Walker Bush is a whitewash of history and a warm-up act for the latest White House contender from the House of Bush, Jeb.

For Cory Booker, The Stink Wont Go Away 11/20/14
Not long ago, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker was, according to some Democrats and media talking heads, Obama 2.0. The tall, photogenic Booker was going to be our next African-American president, we were told. Indeed Booker was handily re-elected in the bluest of blue states.

Just In Time For Christmas 11/20/14
The hardcover edition of The Man Who Killed Kennedy - the Case Against LBJ" reached number 15 on the New York Times bestseller list last Fall. Now the new updated paperback edition greatly expands the case against the most evil and mentally unbalanced man to ever occupy the White House.

Bob Dole On A Roll 11/11/14
More than any man alive Sen. Pat Roberts owes his re-election to the still sharp political instincts of my old boss Senator Bob Dole. Dole, 91, toured Kansas visiting all 105 counties last April and first picked up discontent with Roberts expressed at the cookies and ice cream events Dole conducted in each county. Dole informed operatives at the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the US Chamber of Commerce that Pat "would need help". Some today are citing Dole as "the canary in the coalmine."

No Mo' Clinton Mojo 11/11/14
Former President Bill Clinton campaigned for Charlie Crist across Florida, but failed to rouse the faithful. And in his home state of Arkansas, he campaigned for incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor, who was ousted by Republican Tom Cotton. Hillary did even worse. Hillary Clinton traveled to 20 states in all, mostly in the final weeks of the campaign Of the 10 U.S. Senate candidates Clinton stumped for, just three clinched victories.

Christie's Style 11/11/14
Virtually everyone heard about Governor Chris Christie telling a complaining constituent to "sit down and shut up" but that simple report does not do the actual event justice.

Bernard Spitzer RIP 11/11/14
Eliot Spitzer's father Bernard Spitzer died last week. While most obits mentioned the $3.7 million loan Spiter gave his son's campaign for Attorney General few mentioned the loan was illegal and that Spitzer lied about it's existence to both the New York Times and the New York Daily News, admitting to the subterfuge only after he was safely elected New York Attorney General.

LBJ Makes Millions On Vietnam War 11/11/14
Bell helicopter rival Kaman Aircraft signed a contract for the procurement of 220 helicopters bound for Vietnam that was submitted and approved by Congress in 1963. However within days of LBJ becoming President, the contract was nullified and re-awarded to Bell Helicopter. The US involvement in Vietnam was escalated, and Bell thrived. The Johnsons owned considerable stock in Bell and had used the company for transportation in his barnstorming of Texas in 1948.

Agnew Hooked On Meth 11/11/14

John Dean Smack Down At Texas Book Festival 10/28/14
This past Saturday I confronted former Nixon Counsel John Dean about his true role in Watergate. Dean was a featured speaker at the Texas Book Festival, an event dominated by the Texas establishment. As you can see I listed an substantial amount of evidence and testimony that Dean himself ordered the Watergate break-in. The Daily Caller called it a "fiery exchange"

Hachet Job: Roger Stone's Edgy Takes On History and Politics 10/19/14
Everything you know is wrong. At least when it comes to two of the most notorious chapters of 20th century American history -- the Kennedy assassination and Watergate.

Another Bush? 10/8/14
Multiple sources report that former Governor Jeb Bush is moving inexorably towards a 2016 Presidential candidacy. Politico reported that "A person in attendance at the former president's 90th birthday party in Kennebunkport this past June said the elder Bush spoke of a Jeb Bush candidacy as a near certainty. The elder Bush is also said to have leaned on his son to run."and "Jeb Bush's father , (Family patriarch George H. W. Bush) is eager for his son to run, even telling a visitor at a recent family gathering in Kennebunkport, Maine, that a presidential campaign and a "return of the family dynasty to power was a near certainty".

John Dean's Watergate Whitewash 10/8/14

The Man Who Killed Kennedy-the Case Against LBJ 10/8/14

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