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My Fight To Protect State Legalized Marijuana 11/28/17
On September 8, this landmark journal of all things cannabis published a vicious screed penned by Chris Roberts. I have never met, spoken to or even heard of Mr. Roberts, and he certainly never bothered to contact me before publishing his piece titled: "The Lesson of Roger Stone: The Weed World Was Hustled, Don't Let It Happen Again."

Roger Stone Appears To Have Known About Al Franken Allegations Before They Went Public 11/17/17
Hours before the allegations against Sen. Al Franken became public Thursday, Trump ally Roger Stone seemed to know they were coming.

Stone Appeared To Know Franken Allegation Was Coming 11/16/17
Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone appeared to know there were sexual misconduct allegations involving Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) hours before they became public.

Is Roger Stone The Mastermind Behind Al Franken's Sexual Harassment Scandal? (VIDEO) 11/16/17
Seasoned political operative Roger Stone knew Democrat Senator Al Franken was about to get hit with damning sexual harassment allegations before the report broke Thursday.

Roger Stone Knew The Franken Story Was Coming 11/16/17
Famed Republican political operative Roger Stone knew that a news anchor would accuse Democratic Minnesota Sen. Al Franken of sexual assault.

The Untold Stories Of Election Day 2016 11/5/17
On November 8, 2016, America's chief storytellers--those within the bubbles of media and politics--lost the narrative they had controlled for decades.

Trump Must Ramp Up His Mueller defenses 11/5/17
No one loves a good street fight as much as Donald Trump, so it must be killing him to sit on his thumbs while special counsel Robert Mueller goes about his business of flipping Trump's former colleagues and raiding their offices. Mueller has the president caged, and his instincts are surely telling him to start rattling away. But he is listening hard to his advisers this time.

NPR: 2,800 JFK Assassination Files Have Been Released, Others Withheld 10/28/17

Politico: 'Trump Likely To Block Release Of Some JFK Files' 10/28/17

Politico: The JFK Document Dump could be a Fiasco 10/28/17

New Yorker: The J.F.K. Files, Trump, and the Deep State 10/28/17

Washington Examiner: Roger Stone - Deep State Tried To 'Bluff' Trump To Keep Some JFK Files Secret 10/28/17

NEWSWEEK: Stone Pushed Trump on JFK Docs 10/28/17

ABC: Trump's Political Ally Wrote A Book Titled The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ 10/28/17

New York Times: Trump Says He Will Release Final Set of Documents on Kennedy Assassination 10/28/17

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