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The Life and Times of Dick Nixon

The Style of Ronald Reagan

Kudlow Signs Off CNBC Show 4/2/14

The Establishment Media And The JFK Assassination 3/24/14
My recent book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy - the Case Against LBJ, makes a compelling case that Lyndon Baines Johnson was the lynchpin of a plot to murder President John F. Kennedy. The book made the New York Times bestseller list and was the #1 Book on Amazon.com. The media establishment has not re-acted well to this important book. Among those who have attempted to discredit this controversial book is veteran "journalist" Hugh Aynesworth.

Why Jack Ruby Was Probably Part Of The Kennedy Conspiracy 3/21/14

The September 11, 2012 Attack On The Benghazi Mission Is An Indictment Of Hillary Clinton 3/18/14

Some Still Bury The Truth About LBJ 3/18/14
That the Washington Times would allow Hugh Aynesworth to review my book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy - the Case Against LBJ, as if he is an unbiased observer is disconcerting to say the least.

I Have Seen The Future Of The Republican Party And His Name Is Adam Paul Laxalt 3/18/14
Adam Paul Laxalt is a father, a husband and a fourth-generation native Nevadan, the grandson of Sen. Paul Laxalt a friend of mine since I worked with the Senator in Ronald Reagan's 1976 , 1980 and 1984 campaigns. Adam is running for Attorney General of Nevada to protect the safety of Nevada's families, to preserve the liberty of Nevada's citizens and businesses and to stand up for Nevadans against federal government overreach. This may be one of the most important elections of 2014.

The Report Hillary Clinton Doesn't Want You To Read: 3/12/14

House Of Cards: Is Frank Underwood LBJ? 2/25/14
According to the New York Times, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library, surviving LBJ staff members, and the Johnson family has launched a campaign to improve Johnson's image as an ex-President. This effort includes batshit crazy first daughter Luci Bird Johnson, who will host a "Civil Rights Conference" at the LBJ Library in April. Ms. Johnson will also headline a Texas Bar Association Meeting in June. LBJ's greatness has been subsumed by Vietnam, they contend.

Chris Christie and the Wild Man 2/3/14
Admit nothing, deny everything and launch counter attack is one of Stone's Rules, maxims for the conduct of political warfare that I have adopted based on a thirty year career in the corroded rectum of the two party system.

StoneZone TV - Komrade Bill Deblasio And Taxes 2/3/14

Chris Christie And The Tar Baby Of Bridgegate 1/22/14
I am not the first to note the striking similarities between the Watergate scandal and the Bridgegate fiasco Governor Chris Christie is facing but as someone who knew many involved directly in Watergate and many in Christie's inner circle I can say the similarities are more telling than they appear.

King Son Says LBJ Played Role In Plot 1/19/14
In 1997,Dexter Scott King, son of Dr. Martin Luther King declared that he and his family believed that James Earl Ray was not guilty of the murder of his father, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In a televised interview, Mr. King asserted that President Lyndon B. Johnson must have been part of a military and governmental conspiracy to kill Dr. King.

Gabriel Sherman In "The Loudest Voice In The Room" on Roger Ailes of Fox Cable Network 1/15/14

Chris Christie Cover Up? 1/10/14
"A fish", an old Italian proverb tells us, "rots from it's head."

Trump Should Run 1/10/14
I think Donald Trump should really run for President in 2016.

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