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The Spitzer Saga Continues 12/28/13
Eliot Spitzer is back in the news. For those who need a refresher, Spitzer is the disgraced former Governor and Attorney General of New York State who engaged multiple prostitutes and violated the Mann Act by transporting a prostitute across state lines for sex. He resigned as Governor in the wake of these revelations.

Did LBJ Have JFK Killed? 12/28/13
Did LBJ have JFK killed?

Will Bill Moyers Ever Tell The Truth About Lyndon Johnson? 12/16/13
"Get that goddamned "bubble [top] off unless it's pouring rain" said Bill Moyers just hours before John Kennedy's head was blown off in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Moyers, doing advance work for Lyndon Johnson in Austin, was speaking to a Ms. Harris who told the Secret Service. "Goddamn" was a favorite word of Moyer's boss Lyndon Johnson and the "bubbletop" was a removable, black protective top for the president's limousine.

Evil Town - A Book Review 12/16/13
I have been involved in politics for 40-plus years, so I understand politics. Yet, to date, I had not read a novel about Washington or politicians that captured the true nature of the city, its players or what goes on with any real understanding or believability until I read Evil Town.

KABC's Doug Mcintyre: Ignorant, Uninformed or Just Stupid? 11/26/13

There is a darker explanation for how Lyndon Johnson really got on the 1960 Democratic ticket: blackmail and intimidation tactics. Anthony Summers interviewed JFK's longtime secretary Evelyn Lincoln:

Why Did Dan Rather Lie About JFK's Assassination? 11/26/13
Dan Rather, a fixture as head anchor on the CBS Evening News for many years, was not invited to participate in CBS News' 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination broadcast on Nov. 22.

Robert Caro Sins By Omission 11/19/13
As my book the Man Who Killed Kennedy the Case Against LBJ has become an Amazon Top 100 best seller (# 18 at this writing) I have been asked again and again how Lyndon Johnson's definitive biographer Robert Caro could have missed LBJ's role in an assassination plot.

Parkland - The Movie: A Review 10/30/13
I went to see Parkland this past weekend because I was hopeful that director Tom Hanks and his account of the JFK assassination would become as powerful and influential as Oliver Stone's. I wanted to see him rise up and speak the truth to the generations who did not live through this tragedy.

50th Anniversary Bombshell - New Book Claims LBJ Murdered JFK 10/30/13
Cui prodest scelus, est fict- goes a Latin nostrum, "The one who derives most from the crime is the one most likely to have committed it". A bombshell new book by a political insider decimates the Warren Commission Investigation and lays out how and why Lyndon Baines Johnson killed President John F. Kennedy.

JFK Assassination Eyewitness Won't Be At 50th Anniversary Ceremony 10/21/13
James Tague was an eyewitness to the assassination to President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22 in 1963.

Calling Out Caro 10/7/13
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Caro will speak at the New York Historical Society on November 21, 2013. His four volume biography of Lyndon Johnson has some serious historical lapses that must be addressed Caro's sin is one of omission.

Spitzer Lies Again 9/9/13
Eliot Spitzer told the New York Daily News the one and only time he saw a prostitute was in 2008 as outlined in the Federal DOJ information filed about his tryst with Ashely Dupree. In truth, that's the only time he got caught. In other words the Steamroller, as he likes to call himself is still lying about his long time, $100,000 a year, multiple escort agency, hooker-habit.

Smearing Joe Lhota 9/9/13
A political consultant named Dave Johnson told the Christian Science Monitor that Joe Lhota's campaign for Mayor had polled voter attitudes on the interracial marriage of Democrat front-runner Bill deBlasio. Needless to say de Blasio pounced when reporters asked him about it. There is only one problem. It's not true. The Stonezone reviewed the questionnaires for all polling conducted by the Lhota camp. Polling regarding Democrats is scant and the issue of inter-racial marriage was never mentioned.

McCain Goes To Syria 9/9/13

Did David Frost Put Words In Nixon's Mouth? 9/3/13

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