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Smearing Joe Lhota 9/9/13
A political consultant named Dave Johnson told the Christian Science Monitor that Joe Lhota's campaign for Mayor had polled voter attitudes on the interracial marriage of Democrat front-runner Bill deBlasio. Needless to say de Blasio pounced when reporters asked him about it. There is only one problem. It's not true. The Stonezone reviewed the questionnaires for all polling conducted by the Lhota camp. Polling regarding Democrats is scant and the issue of inter-racial marriage was never mentioned.

McCain Goes To Syria 9/9/13

Did David Frost Put Words In Nixon's Mouth? 9/3/13

Florida's Faux Medical Marijuana Movement 8/5/13
My father died four months ago. His death of bone cancer was a particularly horrific and painful. While Oxycontin would destroy what little quality of life he had left, we found that medicinal use of Marijuana helped restore his appetite and ease his pain. I think of him everyday.

Spitzer's Other Crimes 7/10/13
Eliot Spitzer has decided to jump back into the political arena. This calls for a review of his entire record of illegal activities far beyond his dalliance with call-girls. Far from being the "Sheriff of Wall Street" Spitzer was a bully and blackmail artist who abused his power to destroy his enemies while major Spitzer donors engaged in illegal Wall Street antics but were given a pass. Spitzer has neither the temperament or honesty to be trusted with public office.

Chris Christie's Car Crash 6/6/13
I like Chris Christie. Maybe it's the Jersey thing, but I like his bluntness and confidence. I wrote on these pages that it was wrong to exclude him from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year.. But I am astonished by the decision he has made regarding the seat of late Senator Frank Lautenberg, who was the oldest member of the U.S. Senate when he died early Monday.

What a Lhota 6/6/13
The prospect remains for a four or five person field this November in the New York City Mayor's race. Democratic frontrunner Christine Quinn treads water while Weiner's well thought out comeback launch has gained some traction. Bill Thompson's ties to wheeler dealer U.S. Senator Alfonse D' Amato, which the New York Times put on page one ,are not a plus in the current culture and exploitable if any of the other Democrats who aren't getting Al's largesse are smart enough to use it.

Public Finance Wrong For New York 6/6/13

Holder Will Investigate 6/6/13
Holder should investigate Holder to find out what Holder was doing about the surveillance of a Fox News reporter and report it to Holder. Huh?

The Shame Of The New York Democratic Party 5/28/13
The once proud New York Democratic Party of Herbert Lehman, Al Smith and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, now turns a blind eye to sexual harassment of women. The National Organization of Women and the other prominent feminist groups say nothing. The liberals prove they are more interested in machine politics than safety in the workplace for women. Sheldon Silver is a disgrace who has abetted and covered up sexual harassment in the Assembly. New York State Assembly Speaker Silver has, for at least three times, used taxpayer money and confidentiality agreements to cover up sexual harassment by assembly members and staffers.

Bring In The Clowns 5/13/13
A comic is someone who says funny things. A clown is someone who does funny things, or does things funny, depending on how you look at it. George Burns, Milton Berle were comics while Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd were the great clowns. Clowning requires an acrobatic or physical element which joke telling does not require although some great comics like Groucho Marx and W.C. Fields and his juggling would augment their funny patter with physical humor.

Was JFK A Meth Head? 4/25/13
In 1962, at the Carlyle Hotel in New York, a man "peeled off his clothing and began prancing around his hotel suite." His bodyguards were cautiously amused, until the man "left the suite and began roaming through the corridor of the Carlyle."

How Joe Lhota Can Win 4/16/13
While both Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg were elected as Republican mayors of New York City, both did so by utilizing the cross-endorsement of minor parties, giving Democrats and Independentsin an overwhelmingly Democratic city a place on the ballot to vote for them.

Justin Timberlake: Eyeing Fashion In 20/20 4/1/13
As an entertainer, Justin Timberlake has learned from the past.

Give Rick Scott Credit 4/1/13
You can criticize Rick Scott for some things, but the governor deserves credit for his commitment and real progress for the restoration and preservation of the Everglades. The recent passing of a landmark Everglades bill through the Florida House of Representatives (HB 7065), which Scott had a deft hand in pushing, as well as the governor's efforts in forming the Central Everglades Planning Project, have both aimed at raising and sustaining state and federal funds with a concentrated path of wetlands renewal.

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