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Happy Holidays from Stone 12/23/12

Hillary Dodged TV Shows On Benghazi Before Feigning Illness 12/19/12
Hillary Clinton says she suffered from a concussion caused by a fall that was in turn caused weakness from a stomach virus and that this prevented her from testifying before the House on the Benghazi scandal. I raised questions about this in the StoneZone on December 18th. Now comes this report from the UK DAILYMAIL that Mrs. Clinton ducked the Sunday TV shows a week before her "fall" in order to dodge responsibility for the US response to the Benghazi attacks and the failed policies which has seen radical ant-US elements take power in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, Mali and Iran.

Mrs. Slick Willie 12/18/12

Andrew Cuomo In 2016? 12/18/12

Skyfall and the James Bond Sartorial Tradition 11/26/12
The latest offering in the James Bond oeuvre, Skyfall does a few things right but when it comes to 007 and his sartorial style it makes a mockery of the Ian Fleming-created icon played by Sir Sean Connery.

What Happened To Gary Johnson? 11/13/12
I spent 40 years in the corroded rectum of the two party system. I was the guy the Republican party turned to when things got tough. I saw first hand how the two major parties worked together to limit voter choices and exclude minor party candidates from the election dialogue.

Campaign Sources: The Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job 11/13/12
If you spend your time watching politics and haven't been hiding in a deep depression since Tuesday, you've probably been hearing a lot about "ORCA." According to the Washington Post, ORCA "was designed as a first-of-its-kind tool to employ smartphones to mobilize voters, allowing them to microtarget which of their supporters had gone to the polls."

The Obama Campaign's Technology Is a Force Multiplier 11/13/12
Technology doesn't win political campaigns, but it certainly is a weapon -- a force multiplier, in military terms.

The GOP has lost its way. Here's how it can return to its roots. 11/13/12
In the penultimate scene of the 1972 movie "The Candidate," the character played by Robert Redford turns to his political consultant after his surprise victory and says, “What do we do now?” Soon after, he is mobbed by well-wishers and dragged away, never getting an answer to his doubt-filled query.

Why Does Anyone Listen To Dick Morris? 11/8/12
Why does anyone listen to Dick Morris? Why do news organizations like FOX and NEWSMAX continue to promote this ridiculous blow-hard?

If Barry Goldwater were alive today, he would vote for Gary Johnson in Arizona. 10/25/12
Barry Goldwater, a Republican, was notorious for his visionary thinking that resembles Libertarian views today. If he were alive today, I believe he would vote for neither Mr. RomneyCare nor Mr. Obama Care -- nay, he would vote for Gary Johnson.

Did JFK Lose the Popular Vote? 10/25/12
Right now the RCP Averages are showing an odd situation. Mitt Romney leads nationally by one point, but trails in the Electoral College by a 294-244 count. Moreover, electoral vote number 270 (right now, Wisconsin) favors President Obama by a two-point margin.

Gary Johnson's Third-Party Presidential Bid: A Real Factor or Just A Footnote? 10/25/12
Gary Johnson, the Republican-turned-Libertarian Party presidential candidate, won’t come close to matching the vote totals of President Obama and Mitt Romney next month. Nonetheless, he’s a variable in a handful of battleground states that could determine the outcome of the election.

Spoiler Alert! G.O.P. Fighting Libertarian's Spot on the Ballot 10/17/12
When he was running for the Republican presidential nomination last year, Gary Johnson, the former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico, drew ridicule from mainstream party members as he advocated legalized marijuana and a 43 percent cut in military spending.

Arlen Specter R.I.P. 10/14/12
Arlen Specter, Philadelphia District Attorney, Special Counsel to the Warren Commission, and the only man to be elected to five terms in the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania died Sunday at age 82.

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