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The Life and Times of Dick Nixon

The Style of Ronald Reagan

The Rise of Rand 3/26/13
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has done more towards redefining the Republican Party and drawing the battle lines for the party's future struggle in the last three weeks than his father, Congressman Ron Paul, did in three energetic and well-covered campaigns for president. Staking out positions on drones, drugs and immigration the Kentucky Senator looms larger and larger in the GOP.

Let's Win This One For Ike 3/26/13
The Eisenhower Memorial, a $142 million project projected to be completed by and dedicated on Memorial Day 2015, the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, has been challenged with legislation which would take $100 million out of the project and call for a competition aimed at a new design. The legislation, with the blessing of the Eisenhower family, was introduced by Rob Bishop (R-Utah) at a Congressional Hearing on March 19. The current design is a travesty and in no way serves the memory and legacy of the greatest President in my lifetime.

Don't Lock Out Christie 3/6/13
"Politics" said former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean "is the art of inclusion." The decision by the American Conservative Union, sponsor of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference not to invite current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie demonstrates some conservatives and Republicans haven't learned that lesson. This is the same stupid thinking that blocked Ron Paul from having his name put in nomination at it's 2012 Convention and refused to acknowledge or even count the votes of delegates who cast their votes for the veteran Republican Congressman.

Smerconish Moves To Sirius 3/6/13
One of my favorite Radio hosts Michael Smerconish is now leaving the insular world of talk radio which like the GOP is too old, too white, too male and too damn angry. Sirius XM Radio announced today that it will be the exclusive radio home to veteran broadcaster Smerconish, nationally syndicated radio host, MSNBC contributor, bestselling author and Philadelphia Inquirer columnist.

Electoral College Roulette 2/11/13
In the aftermath of the 2012 Presidential election there are, not surprisingly, three proposals for Electoral College reform. None of them are without partisan impact or about having a fair election in which every vote is counted and the majority rule.

Spitzer Cover-up On AIG Continues 2/11/13
Talk about hypocrisy. According to the New York Times, former New York Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer wants then Attorney General and now Governor Andrew Cuomo to release his emails in the Troopergate matter which Cuomo investigated. At the same time, Spitzer is attempting to block the release of his own emails from the time period that he filed suit as Attorney General against AIG and it's then Chairman Maurice "Hank" Greenberg.

NYC - The Race For Mayor: Is Lhota Real? 1/23/13
For a political party whose voter registration has dipped below 15 percent and who face the first New York City election in which a majority of voters will be minority, the Republican Party of New York City is showing signs of life.

President Richard M. Nixon's 100th Birthday 1/9/13
I had the opportunity to see Richard Nixon up close. I was the youngest senior staff member of his 1972 election campaign. I spent hours talking politics with "the old man" as veteran Nixon hands called him. As a political director in Ronald Reagan's 1980 and 1984 campaigns I carried Nixon's messages on strategy and tactics to the Reagan high command. I did his political chores in Washington in his post-presidential years. I learned politics at Nixon's knee.

The Many What-If's of Richard Nixon 1/6/13
A century ago on Jan. 9, Richard Nixon was born in a Southern California agricultural subdivision dubbed Yorba Linda, in a 900-square-foot mail-order house assembled by his father.

Richard Nixon's Dark Side Has Obscured His Greatness 1/4/13
When Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency of the United States over Watergate in 1974 he was widely reviled as the worst ever occupant of the White House. But perceptions of his record have been changing. As the 100th anniversary of his birth approaches next week, a reassessment of his leadership and legacy seems timely.

God Bless Richard M. Nixon 1/4/13
One hundred years ago, as of January 9, in a small home in Yorba Linda, a suburb of Los Angeles, Richard Nixon was born in a house his father built.

StoneZone's Sixth Annual Ten Best And Worst Dressed Men And Women In The World For 2012 1/2/13

Happy Holidays from Stone 12/23/12

Hillary Dodged TV Shows On Benghazi Before Feigning Illness 12/19/12
Hillary Clinton says she suffered from a concussion caused by a fall that was in turn caused weakness from a stomach virus and that this prevented her from testifying before the House on the Benghazi scandal. I raised questions about this in the StoneZone on December 18th. Now comes this report from the UK DAILYMAIL that Mrs. Clinton ducked the Sunday TV shows a week before her "fall" in order to dodge responsibility for the US response to the Benghazi attacks and the failed policies which has seen radical ant-US elements take power in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, Mali and Iran.

Mrs. Slick Willie 12/18/12

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