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The Paul Ryan Selection 8/17/12
I've waited a few days to lay out my analysis of the selection of Paul Ryan for the VP slot on the Romney ticket. Unlike politicos like Dick Morris who bad-mouths the selection privately and shills for it publicly, I'll tell you what I really think. My sources tell me David Koch played a key role in Ryan's selection and that Koch's wife Julia had been quietly lobbying for Ryan. The selection was cemented at the July 22nd fundraiser Koch held for Romney at the former's sumptuous Hamptons estate.

Why Scott Rasmussen Is Wrong To Exclude Gary Johnson From His Polls 8/8/12
Pollster Scott Rasmussen's explanation as to why he is not including Governor Gary Johnson in his Presidential polling reminds me somewhat of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Nothing Rasmussen says makes any sense.

Watergate After 40 Years 8/7/12
Forty years after Watergate, as the agreed demonology of that drama begins to unravel and the chief authors of it, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, struggle to keep the conventional wisdom about it intact as an article of righteous liberal faith, a factual review is timely.

Eliot Spitzer More Prosecutorial Misconduct 8/7/12
A dentist who beat bogus charges of a $1 million Medicaid fraud can take his alleged persecutors in the state to trial, a federal judge ruled.

Former NH Gov Sold-Out Reagan Revolution 7/31/12
Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus announced that former Bush 41 White House Chief of Staff and New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, will chair the Committee on Rules and Order of Business at the Republican National Convention. The appointment is, of course, Mitt Romney's, raising serious questions about Romney's judgment and commitment to conservative principles.

Citizens United Promotes Golden Age Of Political Consulting 7/31/12
One thing is for sure; The Citizens United decision has created the golden age for political consultants and operatives. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that as I approach my 60 birthday that all of the regulations and restraints on money in politics would be removed.

More Spitzer Hypocrisy 7/31/12
The balls on this guy Eliot Spitzer - it's what the Jews call chutzpah. Spitzer is demanding that Andrew Cuomo release all of his records as Attorney General at the same time Spitzer is trying to block the release of his own emails as Attorney General! No wonder they bounced this guy at CNN.

Bubba To Nominate Obama 7/31/12
Former President Bill Clinton will formally nominate Barack Obama at the Democratic Convention. Fine, except this means Clinton is personally responsible for the next four years if "the Amateur" gets re-elected. Future criticism of Obama by Clinton is now hypocrisy. He is forfeiting his right to be a critic. When we have a monetary collapse just remember; Clinton supported Obama, a man he knows is unqualified to be President.

Eliot Spitzer Still Covering Up 7/20/12
Still covering up
Former New York Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer may be the most corrupt Governor in New York history. Now there is word of his acting to block the release of emails which detail prosecutorial misconduct when he was Attorney General and personal animus towards AIG's Hank Greenberg. Eight of ten charges brought against Greenberg by Spitzer have been dismissed with the two remaining charges being highly technical and are also expected to be dismissed.

Spitzer Joins The NY1 Cast 7/20/12
NY-1, a New York City based cable system with significant reach in New York's political and civic world, announced that the hooker-loving, law-breaking Spitzer would be joining the Wise Guys, a political panel that includes Senator Alfonse D'Amato, former Mayor Ed Koch, and former public advocate Mark Green, all of whom endorsed Democrat Andrew Cuomo for Governor. I admit being interviewed on NY-1 many times, which is always a vigorous journalistic challenge.

Weiner's Missed Opportunity 7/20/12
Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is a political animal. I know the type. Richard Nixon was one. So am I. Weiner is addicted to politics and craves a comeback.

Governor Gary Johnson Offers America A Third Way 7/20/12
A new poll by John Zogby shows former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson moving from 2% to 5.3% nationally. Zogby says an internal analysis of the numbers show that Johnson is pulling a disproportionate number of votes from Republican Mitt Romney.

Whats Wrong With CNN? 6/20/12
What's with CNN? When former Minnesota Jesse Ventura was being interviewed by Christine Roman, on the show Turning Point, he ended the interview with a feisty endorsement of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who is running as the Libertarian Party candidate for President on all 50 state ballots.

The New Sam Donaldson 6/20/12
When feisty ABC news reporter Sam Donaldson, sporting one of the worst comb-overs in broadcasting history, yelled questions at President Ronald Reagan at photo ops and other inappropriate times, the liberal media lionized him for seeking to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding Reagan's Presidency.

Michigan Republican Hacks Seek To Block Governor Gary Johnson From November Ballot 6/13/12
Michigan Republicans are desperate to block former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson from the November ballot even though he was duly nominated at the Libertarian Party Convention and the Michigan Libertarian Party has ballot status and fielded a presidential candidate in 2008 and 2004.

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