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The Life and Times of Dick Nixon

The Style of Ronald Reagan

If Barry Goldwater were alive today, he would vote for Gary Johnson in Arizona. 10/25/12
Barry Goldwater, a Republican, was notorious for his visionary thinking that resembles Libertarian views today. If he were alive today, I believe he would vote for neither Mr. RomneyCare nor Mr. Obama Care -- nay, he would vote for Gary Johnson.

Did JFK Lose the Popular Vote? 10/25/12
Right now the RCP Averages are showing an odd situation. Mitt Romney leads nationally by one point, but trails in the Electoral College by a 294-244 count. Moreover, electoral vote number 270 (right now, Wisconsin) favors President Obama by a two-point margin.

Gary Johnson's Third-Party Presidential Bid: A Real Factor or Just A Footnote? 10/25/12
Gary Johnson, the Republican-turned-Libertarian Party presidential candidate, won’t come close to matching the vote totals of President Obama and Mitt Romney next month. Nonetheless, he’s a variable in a handful of battleground states that could determine the outcome of the election.

Spoiler Alert! G.O.P. Fighting Libertarian's Spot on the Ballot 10/17/12
When he was running for the Republican presidential nomination last year, Gary Johnson, the former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico, drew ridicule from mainstream party members as he advocated legalized marijuana and a 43 percent cut in military spending.

Arlen Specter R.I.P. 10/14/12
Arlen Specter, Philadelphia District Attorney, Special Counsel to the Warren Commission, and the only man to be elected to five terms in the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania died Sunday at age 82.

The Party Of Priebus 10/8/12
Once upon a time Republican National Chairmen were giants, Senator Bob Dole, George Bush, Bill Brock, Senator Hugh Scott, House Speaker Joe Martin, Congressman Len Hall. Who is this midget Reince Priebus with the Al Gore hair-do?

Why Dick Morris Is Wrong 9/24/12
Dick Morris is a real piece of work. The former Clinton campaign advisor who gave birth to the political career of New York’s radical left-wing Congressman Jerrold Nadler, is out with a piece this week explaining why current polls understate Romney’s vote and are wrong.

Republicans To Mitt Romney: You're No Reagan 9/24/12
A handsome former governor faced a vulnerable incumbent, a weak economy and a crisis in the Middle East.

Last Hurrah Of Nixon's 'New Majority'? 9/24/12
Looking back all the way to America’s Civil War, there have been three dominant presidential coalitions.

Obama Leads Romney 52-45 In New Reason-Rupe Poll; 9/24/12
A new national Reason-Rupe poll of likely voters finds President Barack Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney 48 percent to 43 percent in the presidential race. When undecided voters are asked which way they are leaning Obama’s lead over Romney grows to 52-45.

Beltway Crowd Seizes GOP 9/4/12
Conservatives took control of the Republican Party in 1964 and lost control of it permanently last week. The Romney/Beltway/Wall Street faction of the GOP, lead by Romney Counsel Ben Ginsburg, quietly jammed through 20 arcane rule changes to limit grass-roots conservative influence in the Party. Indeed, under the new rules Barry Goldwater could not have had his name put in nomination at the 1960 convention (in a moment of high drama Goldwater withdrew his name, throwing his support to Richard Nixon) and Ronald Reagan could not have had his name put in nomination at the 1976 convention.

Ron Paul: Gov. Gary Johnson is "Wonderful, Doing Good Job" 9/4/12
When asked about Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson last week, Congressman Ron Paul said: "I think he's wonderful and I think he's doing a good job and people should look at him - and every individual should make up their own mind!"

How Do You Screw Up A Balloon Drop? 9/4/12
How do you screw up a balloon drop? Mitt Romney brought his acceptance speech to a well crafted crescendo... and then the hall went flat. Romney and Ryan posed together only briefly, waving for a less than three minutes after Romney's speech, missing a opportunity to whip the crowd into a frenzy. The Romney and Ryan spouses joined their husbands for a moment, again missing the chance to drive the convention crowd wild, before being joined prematurely by their extended families.

Here Comes Gary Johnson 9/4/12
This fall, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states as the Libertarian Party candidate for President. Who Johnson's voters are and from whom they come from may well determine who the next president is. Despite the fact that Johnson may win relatively few votes, like Ralph Nader in 2000, this could determine the outcome.

Romney Snub Of Ron Paul Supporters Is Dumb 8/30/12
"Politics is the art of inclusion" said former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean. The Romney campaign seems to have forgotten this wise advice. Although, I am certainly a practitioner of hardball politics,the Romney treatment of Congressman Ron Paul at the Republican National Convention strikes me as gratuitous, unnecessary and perhaps fatal in terms of Romney's November prospects.

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