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The Life and Times of Dick Nixon

The Style of Ronald Reagan

How To Read The Polls In 2012 6/10/12
Every four years the American public becomes fascinated with political polling and the presidential horse race. In fact, national match-ups between the two major party contenders are largely meaningless. That's because America conducts 50 individual state elections on November 5, 2012 with Electoral College votes being awarded to the candidate who carries each state. The candidate who gets 270 electoral votes is elected regardless of the final tally of the popular vote.

The Bain Gambit Fails 6/10/12
The Obama campaigns "out of the gate" attack on Mitt Romney for his connection to Bain Capital and a Steel Mill that Bain invested in which failed two years after Romney left Bain is a giant flopparoo.

The Best Political TV Commercial Of Campaign 2012 6/10/12

Roger Stone On Political Scandals, Birthers, And What It's Like To Work For Richard Nixon 5/22/12
We sat down with veteran Republican strategist Roger Stone this week to talk about the 2012 presidential election, and find out what really goes on inside presidential campaigns.

Republican 'Hitman' Roger Stone On Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, And Who He Thinks Is Going To Win The 2012 Election 5/21/12
Business Insider sat down with political strategist and self-described GOP "hitman" to talk about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the 2012 veepstakes.

Obama Thanks George LeMieux for Breaking Ranks With Republicans 5/14/12
The U.S. Senate Republican primary race in Florida is in full swing, and potential Republican voters are wondering who will be the candidate that will best represent them in the U.S. Senate, working along side U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

Obama And The Medical Marijuana Crack-Down 5/12/12

Obama's Gay Marriage Head Fake 5/10/12
Once Gay Americans are through celebrating President Barack Obama's "personal" support of Gay marriage equality, they will learn that Obama's "evolution" changes nothing. Obama's new position is a bullshit cop-out.

Gary Johnson consultant: 'Romney's a stiff and Obama oozes arrogance' 5/8/12

What Will Ron Paul Do? 4/4/12
In 1977 as Treasurer of the National Conservative Political Action Committee, I went to Houston Texas to work in the Special Election campaign of Ron Paul, the first time he was elected to Congress. I have long admired his faith in and consistent support of the US Constitution and the proper limits of government. I have also always admired his willingness to go against the grain and sometimes tell the unpopular truth.

The GOP's Indispensable Man 4/4/12
The New York Times pointed out the presences of longtime GOP ‘wise-man’ and veteran Washington lobbyist, Charlie Black, in presidential nominee presumptive Mitt Romney’s entourage. Black has been a key figure in the campaigns of Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John McCain.

Who's Dressing George Bush? 4/4/12
When former President George H. W. Bush endorsed Mitt Romney in Houston last Thursday, both were sitting in a deep upholstered chairs. Romney was wearing a suit and tie, but the former President was wearing a white turtleneck, sports jacket, baggy chinos, purple athletic socks and faux Gucci loafers. He looked like a guy at an old folks home, a visual that was enhanced by Barbara Bush and her pearls but wearing something likewise dowdy. How very Presidential.

The Real Godfather Speaks 3/22/12
When the history of American Conservatives is written, it should be noted the second most influential man in terms of the Conservative Movement and country after Ronald Reagan, is direct communication wizard and conservative activist Richard A. Viguerie. If William F. Buckley Jr. is the Godfather of the modern Conservative Movement, Richard Viguerie has been it's communications and fundraising spark-plug.

Romney's Act 3/22/12
Romney's attempt to act like "a regular guy" are so goofy they remind me of George H.W. Bush who was born in Milton, MA, and was educated in Greenwich Connecticut, Andover, and Yale, but he wore cowboy boots, chewed pork-rinds and talked about country music.

Rev 3/22/12
I have misjudged Marion G. "Pat" Robertson, Marine Corp Veteran, Minister, and son of Byrd Machine Stalwart, US Senator A. Willis Robertson. As a staffer for Congressmen Jack Kemp's early presidential campaign in 1988, I watched Robertson suck-up oxygen that a conservative would need to have any shot at stopping Vice President George Bush, a relatively weak candidate for President who Newsweek Magazine put on the cover with a story by Howard Fineman on the "Wimp Factor." The piece quoted yours truly.

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