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What Romney's Got Going For Him 3/14/12
Followers of the StoneZone know that this page has been a sometime critic of Former Governor Mitt Romney. New York Times columnist Gail Collins even ripped off our running commentary on the fact that Mitt Romney once actually strapped his dog Seamus to the roof of his car for a 12 hour trip and the dog defecated on the roof of the car out of fright. I posted Romney's stunning FOX interview with Chris Wallace on the StoneZone where Wallace asked Mitt "what were you thinking?" so Collins quoted it a week later. I must admit Collins treatment of the material makes me laugh but Gail, get your own schtick.

Shirley: Drama Of A Brokered Convention 3/10/12
As the Republican Party hurtles toward a possible Animal House-like climax at their confab in Tampa Bay in late August, the national discussion has turned to controversial GOP conventions of the past, most missing the meaning of each and how these ideological food fights sometimes changed the face and future of the party.

Mitt Romney's Primary Weapon - Donald J. Trump 3/7/12
Readers of the StoneZone know that I have not endorsed Mitt Romney on these pages but our readers look to us for analysis of what's happen on the political scene. I've concluded, based on a review of the polling from Super Tuesday primaries , that Donald Trump is Mitt Romney's secret weapon. It is therefore not surprising that Ann Romney gave a shout out to Trump from the podium in Boston last Tuesday night.

Will Wayne Allyn Root Replace Harry Reid In 2016? 3/7/12
Sadly, 2010 saw the re-election of Nevada Senator Harry Reid after Republicans nominated Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle who ran a particularly inept campaign. Last week I met the single best possibility to grab Reid's seat in 2016, Las Vegas entrepreneur, television and radio personality, author and political commentator, Wayne Allyn Root.

Deadlock In Tampa 2/23/12
Could the GOP be facing a deadlock in Tampa? Is it possible no one will have the votes on the first ballot to be nominated? Could the party turn to a compromise candidate like Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Jeb Bush or Donald Trump? This week I took a tumbler of vodka, a calculator, a delegate count and a calendar and after two hours I concluded it could happen.

Goodbye, GOP 2/15/12
I registered to vote as a Republican the same day I turned 18. I registered so I could vote for Richard Nixon's re-election in 1972. I was excited to join the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan. For one year before leaving for college I served on the Westchester (NY) Republican County Committee.

Dogs Against Romney 2/15/12
A press release hit my in box announcing a press conference by Dogs Against Romney during the Westminster Dog Show. The dogs are protesting Mitt Romney’s transporting his dog for 12 hours strapped to the roof of his car.

Why Eric Holder Has Sheldon Adelson By The Balls 2/8/12
Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has given a Super-Pac supporting Newt Gingrich at least ten million dollars and probably more. Adelson signaled in the New York Times on Sunday February 4th that GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney needn’t worry. The Nevada billionaire says he will be there financially for Mitt after Romney wins the nomination. With friends like this Newt doesn’t need enemies.

Those Kennedy Boys And Their Poppers 2/8/12
The New York Post broke a story Sunday in which Mimi Alford told of an affair she had with John F. Kennedy when she was 19 years old. Among the bombshell revelations is that JFK popped a capsule of amyl nitrate and waived it under her nose at a swinging Los Angeles party even though she said she didn't want to inhale the drug, which causes a sexual high.

Christie Goes Korean-American 2/8/12
Governor Chris Christie made a shrewd appointments recently when he a Korean American on the state Supreme Court. This could be brilliant positioning for 2016. The Korean-American community is growing in both affluence and political clout.

Was Nixon Gay? No, But That Doesn't Stop The Rumor Mill. 1/30/12
Richard Nixon was many things -- crafty, criminal, self-pitying, vengeful, paranoid. But gay According to a book to be released Tuesday, "Nixon's Darkest Secrets," the former president and his best friend, Charles "Bebe" Rebozo, had a relationship of a "possibly homosexual nature." But author Don Fulsom, a former radio reporter who covered the White House from Lyndon Johnson's presidency to Bill Clinton's, provides scant evidence for this claim. No new White House tapes. No love letters, incriminating pictures or diary entries. No recently declassified government documents. Just a recollection from retired journalist Bonnie Angelo, who, in an interview with me, confirmed the story she told Fulsom: In 1972, she saw a tipsy Nixon pull Rebozo into a group photo at a Florida restaurant and hold his hand for "upwards of a minute."

Roger Stone Handicaps Florida 1/30/12
HIALEAH, FLORIDA -- Ran into Roger Stone at a Mitt Romney rally, which isn't THAT surprising considering that a) the man is a political junkie and b) he spends a lot of time down in the Sunshine State. Here are the ODT (Original Dirty Trickster)'s quick-hit thoughts on Tuesday's vote.

Is The Obama Administration Illegally Using Romney's Tax Records? 1/24/12
In what has been one of the few unforced errors of Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign, he will release his tax returns this Tuesday hoping to put the rest what on its face is a campaign misstep. On the other hand, if every deduction and tax treatment in Romney's tax returns is legal he should pay no penalty. What is he supposed to say? Let me voluntarily pay 10% more.

Republicans Form Circular Firing Squad 1/16/12
On the eve of the presidential nomination of Barry Goldwater at the 1964 Republican National Convention, Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton released a letter to the Senator accusing him of "nuclear irresponsibility" and "supporting a whole crazy-quilt collection of absurd and dangerous positions". In his last-minute attempt to wrest the Republican nomination from Goldwater, Scranton handed Lyndon Johnson the cudgel the Texan then used to beat Goldwater to death. Governors Nelson Rockefeller and George Romney (Mitt's father) piled on and then stood by as Johnson and the Democrats depicted Goldwater as a "trigger-happy extremist". Thus, Republicans supplied the ammunition used to kill their chances of regaining the White House.

The GOP Race: Romney Hanging On, Paul Performs, Rick Sinking, Newt Snarls 1/9/12
Running for the President of the United States is not a sprint; it's a marathon. General Eisenhower said, "Plans are worthless but planning is indispensable." Mitt Romney has meticulously planned his path to the White House; while his newest challenger Santorum has been methodical, patient and hardworking; his campaign is still being run by the seat of his pants.

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