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Spitzer Joins The NY1 Cast 7/20/12
NY-1, a New York City based cable system with significant reach in New York's political and civic world, announced that the hooker-loving, law-breaking Spitzer would be joining the Wise Guys, a political panel that includes Senator Alfonse D'Amato, former Mayor Ed Koch, and former public advocate Mark Green, all of whom endorsed Democrat Andrew Cuomo for Governor. I admit being interviewed on NY-1 many times, which is always a vigorous journalistic challenge.

Weiner's Missed Opportunity 7/20/12
Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is a political animal. I know the type. Richard Nixon was one. So am I. Weiner is addicted to politics and craves a comeback.

Governor Gary Johnson Offers America A Third Way 7/20/12
A new poll by John Zogby shows former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson moving from 2% to 5.3% nationally. Zogby says an internal analysis of the numbers show that Johnson is pulling a disproportionate number of votes from Republican Mitt Romney.

Whats Wrong With CNN? 6/20/12
What's with CNN? When former Minnesota Jesse Ventura was being interviewed by Christine Roman, on the show Turning Point, he ended the interview with a feisty endorsement of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who is running as the Libertarian Party candidate for President on all 50 state ballots.

The New Sam Donaldson 6/20/12
When feisty ABC news reporter Sam Donaldson, sporting one of the worst comb-overs in broadcasting history, yelled questions at President Ronald Reagan at photo ops and other inappropriate times, the liberal media lionized him for seeking to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding Reagan's Presidency.

Michigan Republican Hacks Seek To Block Governor Gary Johnson From November Ballot 6/13/12
Michigan Republicans are desperate to block former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson from the November ballot even though he was duly nominated at the Libertarian Party Convention and the Michigan Libertarian Party has ballot status and fielded a presidential candidate in 2008 and 2004.

How To Read The Polls In 2012 6/10/12
Every four years the American public becomes fascinated with political polling and the presidential horse race. In fact, national match-ups between the two major party contenders are largely meaningless. That's because America conducts 50 individual state elections on November 5, 2012 with Electoral College votes being awarded to the candidate who carries each state. The candidate who gets 270 electoral votes is elected regardless of the final tally of the popular vote.

The Bain Gambit Fails 6/10/12
The Obama campaigns "out of the gate" attack on Mitt Romney for his connection to Bain Capital and a Steel Mill that Bain invested in which failed two years after Romney left Bain is a giant flopparoo.

The Best Political TV Commercial Of Campaign 2012 6/10/12

Roger Stone On Political Scandals, Birthers, And What It's Like To Work For Richard Nixon 5/22/12
We sat down with veteran Republican strategist Roger Stone this week to talk about the 2012 presidential election, and find out what really goes on inside presidential campaigns.

Republican 'Hitman' Roger Stone On Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, And Who He Thinks Is Going To Win The 2012 Election 5/21/12
Business Insider sat down with political strategist and self-described GOP "hitman" to talk about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the 2012 veepstakes.

Obama Thanks George LeMieux for Breaking Ranks With Republicans 5/14/12
The U.S. Senate Republican primary race in Florida is in full swing, and potential Republican voters are wondering who will be the candidate that will best represent them in the U.S. Senate, working along side U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

Obama And The Medical Marijuana Crack-Down 5/12/12

Obama's Gay Marriage Head Fake 5/10/12
Once Gay Americans are through celebrating President Barack Obama's "personal" support of Gay marriage equality, they will learn that Obama's "evolution" changes nothing. Obama's new position is a bullshit cop-out.

Gary Johnson consultant: 'Romney's a stiff and Obama oozes arrogance' 5/8/12

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