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A Miscarriage Of Justice 12/21/11
When veteran Democratic political operative Kelly Conlin was caught stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NARAL, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance limited the charges against Conlin to only a limited period of her thievery and did not examine the entire period during which Conlin was ripping off her employer. Conlin, influential in Manhattan's liberal Democratic and abortion rights circles, was allowed to plead guilty in return for no jail time.

The Fat Man Speaks 12/13/11
Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, who served as Bush 41's White House Chief of Staff, is a piece of work. When he served as Governor in the waning days of Ronald Reagan's final term, I was quietly scouting the Granite State for a Presidential bid by Congressman Jack Kemp. Sununu insisted to me he was entirely uncommitted on a date my partner Lee Atwater confirmed to me was after the Governor had privately pledged his allegiance to Vice President George Bush. In other words, Sununu lied to my face. Lied without blinking. Lied like a rug dealer.

The New Newt 12/9/11
The current surge by former speaker Newt Gingrich puts him in strong contention to wrest the Republican Presidential Nomination from previous frontrunner Mitt Romney.Gingrich is the" last man standing” among the candidates who were drawing from the pool of voters who will not support Romney.

Double Jeopardy, Joe Bruno, and Basic Criminal Justice 12/9/11
Imagine the government was prosecuting you a second time after failing in its first try. That's right. The government prosecuted you for a crime it claimed you committed. The government failed. Then the government wants to prosecute you again, hoping to get it right the second time around.

Smokin' Joe and Me 11/21/11
In 1971 I was in College at George Washington University, a hot bed of student opposition to the war in Viet Nam. Needless to say Cassius Clay AKA Muhammad Ali was a revered figure for his attacks on the white power establishment and the Viet Nam War. " No Viet Cong ever called me a nigger" was his most famous quote.

Why America Is Ready For A Third Party 11/21/11
As it dawns on voters that they may well have a choice between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney a majority of voters favor a 3rd choice, if not a 3rd party. A stunning Washington Post/ABC News poll recently showed 61% of American voters wanted another choice in addition to these two standard bearers.

Al D'Amato - New York's Hypocrite 11/21/11
Former New York Senator Alfonse D'Amato ripped into former Speaker Newt Gingrich today in the New York Post. D'Amato dismissed Gingrich's chances in a general election telling the Post the former Speaker's "past history in government and in his personal life make him unelectable". D'Amato went on to say Gingrich's" business relationships" would prevent him from being elected.

Herman Cain And Mark Block Are Blowing Smoke Into The Faces Of The GOP Establishment 11/2/11
Herman Cainâ??s unlikely rise to the top of the polls this late in the GOP primary is one of the most fascinating campaign stories in past years. A successful private businessman and radio personality, Herman Cain had only scant recognition among Republicans and Republican leaning Independents going into this past May upon formerly announcing his candidacy.

The Republican Race Today 10/24/11
Texas Governor Rick Perry has $55 Million in his Super PAC and will have $20 million in his campaign to spend and exceed expectations in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire. He must also hope for the decline of Herman Cain, who has deftly grabbed the outsider mantel and Tea Party enthusiasm.

Hicks In Iowa Shouldn't Pick Next President 10/12/11
Iowa is a rural State not representative of America today. It has no significant African-American, Hispanic, Jewish, or Asian communities. The number of Catholics is well below the national average and the state is completely agricultural.

Don't Count Rick Perry Out Quite Yet 10/12/11
Texas Governor Rick Perry's soaring poll ratings when he first entered the race set a bar that would be hard to live up to. A weak debate performance and a predictable fall back in the polls may have obscured the more significant fact that when Rick Perry was red-hot, he raised money like a maniac, posting a stunning $17 million war chest. Count on him raising $3 million more just out of Texas.

Include Gary Johnson 10/12/11
A New Hampshire poll shows both former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson at 1% yet the Bloomberg / Washington Post debate in New Hampshire includes little Rickie and excludes a two-term Governor whose job creation record is better than Governor Rick Perry or Governor Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney Chameleon 10/12/11
I am a Libertarian Republican and have written in favor of both same sex marriage and abortion rights. Mitt Romney once agreed with me. In his 1994 race for the US Senate, he supported gay marriage and abortion on demand. I was there and I remember. Romney's opponent in the Massachusetts Republican primary, supply-side banker John Lakian, firmly recalls Romney's stout liberalism on social issues.

Mitt Romney, Hypocrite 9/26/11
This column is about hypocrisy. As a libertarian, I support marriage equality for gays and abortion rights although I admit I have struggled mightily with the latter and my views have changed after the birth of my grandchildren. I have always been and remain a Second Amendment man.

The FOX Debate 9/26/11
One of the key reasons why Governor Rick Perry faired poorly in the FOX Florida Debate was the gang up of other "conservative" candidates on Perry, the front runner. This, of course, plays into Mitt Romney's hands but does nothing to enhance the candidacies of Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann or even "moderate" Jon Huntsman Jr.

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