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The Life and Times of Dick Nixon

The Style of Ronald Reagan

Sen. Michael Williams' gubernatorial campaign event in Peachtree Corners 8/11/17
Longtime Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone made an appearance with state Sen. Michael Williams during a campaign event for the legislator and gubernatorial candidate in Peachtree Corners on Friday night.

Civilized at Politicon, a Conversation About the Politics of Marijuana Legalization 7/31/17

Kevin Sabet Takes on Roger Stone at Politicon 7/31/17
In only its third year, Politicon has grown into a national "unconventional political convention," pitting neoliberals, libertarians, Berniecrats and the alt-right head to head in panels designed to provoke, inflame and hopefully enlighten the American voter.

Anthony Scaramucci Out as White House Communications Director 7/31/17

'The Clintons Could Steal A Hot Stove': Roger Stone Sounds Off On Trump's Crazy Week 7/31/17
Roger Stone has a reputation as one of the most sharp-elbowed, controversial operators in American politics. In the 1970s, he dropped out of college to work for the Richard Nixon campaign arm that would become the center of the Watergate investigation; in the 1980s, his lobbying and consulting firm handled public relations in Washington for the ruthless Zaire leader Mobutu Sese Seko; today, most notoriously, he whispered advice to Donald Trump throughout his longtime friend's campaign for president, and publicly egged on those who would disseminate hacked emails from Democratic campaign staffers.

Trump's Top Strategist Says He's Trying To Convince The President To Legalize Marijuana 7/31/17
At exactly 4:20 p.m. on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Pasadena, California, nearly a thousand people crammed inside a lecture hall to listen as five experts discussed the politics of "Weed Nation."

Politicon: 5 Standout Takeaways From This Year's Convention 7/30/17
Politicon was conceived as the Comic-Con for politics, a gathering of political junkies who can't get enough of partisanship from cable TV, talk radio, and late-night television. They need to see and hear the political figures in person.

At Politicon, Roger Stone has plenty to say - for and against Trump team 7/30/17
Political consultant Roger Stone was every bit his controversial self Saturday night at the Politicon event in Pasadena, California.

Ex Trump Adviser: McCain Is A P.O.S. 7/30/17
Sen. John McCain is #2 in the eyes of former Trump adviser Roger Stone -- and no, he doesn't mean second place.

Al Madrigal Got a Personal Note From Donald Trump Telling Him He's 'An Idiot' 7/30/17
Donald Trump, before he became president, had a well-documented history of sending critical notes to journalists who wrote negative articles about him.

Trump Associate Roger Stone Calls On The President To Pardon The Bundys And Their Supporters In The Name Of Justice 7/15/17
Hundreds of supporters turned out at a Las Vegas event Saturday night supporting the defendants facing trial in the Bunkerville standoff case.

Former Watergate Prosecutor Nailed In Lie 6/25/17
Despite his historic agreement on the limitation of nuclear warheads with Russia, his normalization of diplomatic and commercial relationships with China, his saving of the state of Israel, his de-segregation of the public schools and his generally progressive domestic policies, President Richard Nixon continues to get nothing but "foaming- at- the mouth" irrational hatred of the left.

Intersection: John Morgan Finds An Unlikely Ally In Roger Stone 6/23/17
Orlando attorney John Morgan isn't happy with the decision the legislature took on medical marijuana and whether it can be smoked. He says he'll sue. He also wants the federal government to decriminalize marijuana.

The Cannabis Industry Apocalypse 6/22/17
When President Trump was campaigning, he was interviewed several times where the question of marijuana and state's rights had come up. In all cases, then Candidate Trump said he believed that medical marijuana was fine, for the states that had passed laws about it, though he thought recreational use was a more complicated issue.

Longtime Trump Ally And Advisor On A Mission To Legalize Marijuana 6/21/17
Roger Stone, a staunch conservative and longtime friend and adviser to Donald Trump, recently announced the formation of a bipartisan United States Cannabis Coalition (USCC), whose goals include protecting states' rights, legalizing marijuana and reforming "our antiquated and failed federal drug laws."

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