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A Tale Of Two Cys: Colin v Haggerty 7/6/11
The collapse of the case against French banker and politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn has focused attention on the competence of the Manhattan District Attorney. Cyrus Vance Jr. may have planted the seeds of his next legal defeat long before the DSK case, egged on by Assistant District Attorney Dan Alonzo - the same assistant who pushed for a rush to judgment in the DSK case. After just 37 days in office, he indicted John Haggerty Jr., a well-liked and much respected Republican political operative.

NY Post's Fred Dicker Exposed Again 7/6/11
The New York Post's Fred Dicker isn't a journalist. He's a publicist for politicians who leak to him. He has little regard for facts or accuracy. In fact, when Fred doesn't have a source he just makes one up. Few reporters are less well liked and none are less respected among their Albany and New York City peers.

Electoral College Reform Now 6/22/11
In 2000, when Al Gore out polled George W. Bush in the popular vote but was bested by Bush in the Electoral College to become President, it became clear we need Electoral College reform. In Adams vs. Jackson in 1824, Hayes over Tilden in 1876 and Harrison over Cleveland in 1888, the loser of the Electoral College won more popular votes than the candidate who became President.

Huntsman Candidacy Fatally Flawed by Obama Service 6/22/11
One thing Donald Trump's flirtation with a Presidential bid showed us is that you have to take Obama on frontally to compete with him. The John McCain tactic of praising Obama as a great American and great Senator "with whom I disagree" is a loser. You've got to call him out as what he is- a fraud and disaster. He doesn't understand economics, has no business or free-enterprise experience, and is spending trillions in Libya and Afghanistan without having a goal other than re-election.

Weiner Shouldn't Resign 6/15/11
If tax cheat Rep. Charlie Rangel can remain a member of Congress after evading Federal income taxes and lying in official documents to hoard three cheap rent controlled apartments in violation of State and City law, how can the Democrats demand the resignation of Rep. Anthony Weiner? There is no proof Weiner used public funds or resources in his indiscretions or, unlike Rangel, that he broke any laws. He is guilty of narcissism, horniness and lying. Now that he has fessed up to the lies, he is guilty of bad judgment and excess testosterone. The is no evidence Weiner's proclivities interfered with his ability to be an effective Congressman.

George Pataki And Public Debt 6/15/11
My talented colleague Mike Murphy wrote an op-ed for the Boston Globe in which he fantasized that former New York Governor George Pataki wins the New Hampshire Primary in an upset by highlighting the federal debt issue. Evidently, Murph is unaware of Pataki's record on spending and debt during his three terms as Governor. Under George Pataki, State debt grew from $14.4 billion in 1990 to $48.5 billion in 2006. New York ranks second highest in combined state and local debt per capita after Alaska, a state that benefits from huge oil reserves.

Bachmann Should Can Rollins Now Or Her Bid Is Doomed 6/10/11
If Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann wants to have any chance whatsoever of winning the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination she should fire her new campaign manager Ed Rollins before it's too late. In just the 24 hours since Rollins signed on he has already hurt her campaign with an intemperate attack on Sarah Palin.

Where's Johnson? 6/10/11
How is it that the upcoming CNN debate includes Herman Cain but excludes two term former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who is running as a libertarian Republican who favors the legalization of marijuana? What kind of censorship is this from the network that actually has serial law-breaker Eliot Spitzer commenting on the Anthony Weiner Scandal?

Palin Wasn't Wrong About Paul Revere 6/10/11

Trump's Final Apprentice Numbers Huge 6/1/11
"Apprentice Finale Ratings Down" scream the headlines of the snotty liberal elitist rags who hate Donald J. Trump because he called their precious Obama out over a birth certificate there is still public question about. One might be left with the misimpression that the show is a ratings disaster. Of course comparing last years audience to this year's is a meaningless measure, a shoddy manipulation of the stats. A TV show is rated for number of viewers against the other show on in the same time slot at the same time. Trump's Celebrity Apprentice jumped 16% in one week moving past the highly rated Billboard Music Awards to dominate the hour. This is why NBC paid Trump $60 million for another season. Eat it, Trump haters!

The Politics Of Ryan 6/1/11

Rap Legend Luther Campbell Of 2 Live Crew 6/1/11
First Amendment crusader, rapper and community activist Luther Campbell AKA "Uncle Luke" got a solid 11% of the vote without much of a campaign in the recent special election for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. What could he do with a real campaign?

Rothstein Built Faux Bank Website To Con Investors 6/1/11
Florida's billion dollar Ponzi schemer and Charlie Crist intimate Scott Rothstein actually had his IT minions at his law-firm build a faux replica of the TD bank website where his "investors" could go on line and check a phony balance in his account. Rothstein's "investors" could rest easy when they saw their money in Rothstein's account, not realizing Rothstein had looted the account. Talk about Chutzpah!

Culture Corner - Warning Adult Content 6/1/11

Dem Dirty Trick In NY-26 5/18/11

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