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The Life and Times of Dick Nixon

The Style of Ronald Reagan

Palin Wasn't Wrong About Paul Revere 6/10/11

Trump's Final Apprentice Numbers Huge 6/1/11
"Apprentice Finale Ratings Down" scream the headlines of the snotty liberal elitist rags who hate Donald J. Trump because he called their precious Obama out over a birth certificate there is still public question about. One might be left with the misimpression that the show is a ratings disaster. Of course comparing last years audience to this year's is a meaningless measure, a shoddy manipulation of the stats. A TV show is rated for number of viewers against the other show on in the same time slot at the same time. Trump's Celebrity Apprentice jumped 16% in one week moving past the highly rated Billboard Music Awards to dominate the hour. This is why NBC paid Trump $60 million for another season. Eat it, Trump haters!

The Politics Of Ryan 6/1/11

Rap Legend Luther Campbell Of 2 Live Crew 6/1/11
First Amendment crusader, rapper and community activist Luther Campbell AKA "Uncle Luke" got a solid 11% of the vote without much of a campaign in the recent special election for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. What could he do with a real campaign?

Rothstein Built Faux Bank Website To Con Investors 6/1/11
Florida's billion dollar Ponzi schemer and Charlie Crist intimate Scott Rothstein actually had his IT minions at his law-firm build a faux replica of the TD bank website where his "investors" could go on line and check a phony balance in his account. Rothstein's "investors" could rest easy when they saw their money in Rothstein's account, not realizing Rothstein had looted the account. Talk about Chutzpah!

Culture Corner - Warning Adult Content 6/1/11

Dem Dirty Trick In NY-26 5/18/11

CNN Does A Special On Sex Scandals In Politics But Leaves Out Spitzer 5/18/11

Cuomo's Ethics Package 5/18/11

Trump: The Aftermath 5/18/11

What Trump Should Do 5/16/11
The race for the Republican Presidential nomination is still wide open. If anything the field has gotten thinner with the drop out of Mike Huckabee. Meanwhile NBC has offered Donald Trump an astronomical amount to forgo the Presidential race and renew his contract for the Apprentice.

Trump Trumps Obama 4/29/11
The Obama White House released the President's birth certificate not because they wanted to clear the air (they could have done that three years ago) but because the issue, raised most effectively by Donald Trump, was hurting them with the number of American suspecting Obama was foreign born on the rise.

Karl Rove Political Profiteer 4/29/11
Former George W. Bush political guru, Karl Rove, has disparaged the potential candidacy of Donald Trump. The last time Rove was in the saddle he cost the Republican party control of both houses of Congress and put the 2008 Presidential election out of reach. Obama's single most effect attack on John McCain was at he voted with President Bush 86% of the time. Rove encouraged the Bush Administration's insane federal spending and helped lead the country into a war, in which our national goals are indecipherable.

Trump Kicks Spitzer's Ass 4/29/11
Billionaire Donald J. Trump called disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer and confronted him about misstatements Client Number 9 made on CNN regarding Trump's Net Worth.

Trump and Reagan 4/29/11
I find it amusing when groups like the Club for Growth blast New York developer Donald J. Trump over his conservative credentials. The Club for Growth shapes its' criteria around entirely economic issues.

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