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NY26 - Will The Republicans Be Split? 3/14/11
Gary Berntsen likes to talk about what a tough guy he is in his role of fighting terrorism on behalf of the USA. His defeat in the Republican Primary for US Seante saved him the trouble of being ignominiously defeated by Chuck Schumer last year. Berntsen privately committed himself to Republican insurgent Carl Paladino in the primary for Governor last year according to Paladino campaign insiders but when asked in a televised debate before the primary if he preferred Paladino or ultimate loser Rick Lazio for Governor , big brave straight-talking Gary punted- and said he was "neutral". Paladino won the Republican primary for governor by almost 2 to 1.

Will Trump Really Run? 3/7/11
Donald Trump is a pop-culture phenomena. What other Manhattan real estate developer is known around the world? Where is the groundswell for Zeckendorf to run for President? How many are promoting the candidacy of Lefrak? Where is the Zuckerman movement ? Indeed Trump has promoted an over-the-top public persona over a 35 year period. The Apprentice has made that persona even bigger. He is the best known businessman in the world.

Attn. Tea Party Activists - 2/23/11
As someone who has been involved in his share of demonstrations and counter demonstrations, I can say I've seen what is happening in Wisconsin, New Jersey and elsewhere before. Like the President, I'm kind of an former Community Organizer, so to speak.

Pro-Life Trump Runs Shockingly Well In Newsweek Poll 2/23/11
Liberal elites may laugh at Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate but voters don't. A new Newsweek Daily Beast Poll shows Trump only three points down to Obama 43-41... Trump polls 18% as an Independent in a three way race so his base is strong.

Rick Scott Shows Cojones In Florida 2/23/11
lorida's new Governor is becoming a hero to the Tea Party by exposing the "cooked" state projections for costs and operating losses for the $5 Billion High Speed Rail. The Train can never make money and Florida taxpayers will pay far more than the $2.5 Billion they say this will cost the state. It's a boondoggle and Congressman Mica, a chief proponent, has lined his campaign coffers with special interest campaign dollars from those who want to build and operate this money loser.

Why The GOP Nomination Process Could Benefit Donald Trump 2/11/11
Every four years the voters and the media both complain that the presidential selection process starts too early and go too long as candidates all try to get a head start on competitors. Past is more than prologue. Forget everything you know about the Republican Presidential nominating process. The TV and cable networks, in their frenzy to trump each other, will start this process with the first televised debate a full eight months before the first votes are cast in Iowa closely followed by New Hampshire.

Kennedy Cover Up Continues 1/18/11
Richard Nixon's warts, misdeeds and excesses are continually exposed, thanks ironically to the White House taping system he installed, yet the facts about John F. Kennedy and the period they call Camelot continue to be covered up by a sympathetic media and a coterie of sycophants dedicated to the myth that Kennedy was a great President.

Of Dogs And Men 1/18/11
President Barack Obama calls the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles to commend him for hiring a dig-torturer. Michael Vick didn't just own and train dogs to fight but as Matt Labash of the Weekly Standard wrote "... Vick, in concert with his thuggish fellow torturers, was responsible for wetting down a female pit bull which had lost, and electrocuting it. Likewise, approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in "testing" sessions (meaning they looked to be subpar fighters), were executed "by various methods, including hanging, drowning, and slamming at least one dog's body to the ground."

Loughner was a Leftist Kook 1/18/11
The rush by the left to brand Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner - as an anti-government right - winger was reminiscent of a similar media ploy in 1963 where the "climate of hate" and the extreme right of Dallas were initially blamed for the assassination of JFK. That is, until J. Edgar Hoover revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist and defector to Russia who had belonged to the "Fair Play for Cuba Committee". That was the official version anyway.

Chicago's Bill Daley 1/18/11
Let's hope Bill Daley does as good a job for Barrack Obama as he did for Al Gore in the 2000 Florida Recount, a credit miraculously missing from all his fawning media profile pieces.

2010 Best and Worst Dressed 12/31/10
Every year Hollywood designer and arbiter of fashion, Mr. Richard Blackwell, published his list of the ten best and worst dressed people in the demimonde. Mr. Blackwell has since gone to his maker, but the STONEzone refuses to let this fine tradition die. In 2008 we published our first 10 BEST AND WORST DRESSED PEOPLE in the world. It was well received. 2009 got more notice.

Why Trump Should Run in 2012 12/14/10
As I look at the crop of Republicans planning to run for the 2012 Presidential nomination, I reach one inescapable conclusion: Unlike 1988 when he flirted with it and 2000 when he seriously considered it, Donald Trump must run for President in 2012.

The Nixon Contradiction 12/14/10
The secretly recorded White House tapes of President Richard Nixon are the gift that keeps on giving. Every year, a new trove of recordings is released, more outrageous than the last. The most recent batch in which Nixon manages to malign Jews, blacks, Italians and the Irish, are a confounding contradiction.

NY Ethics Watchdog Has No Ethics 12/14/10
New York's top ethics watchdog is not leaving his job quietly, but he isn't leaving a moment too soon.

Did JFK Steal The 1960 Election? 12/7/10
Did Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley steal Illinois and thus the 1960 presidential election for John F. Kennedy? Kennedy carried Cook County, which includes Chicago, by 318,736 votes -more than double his national margin of 118,574 votes. This new book by Edmund Kallina fairly examines all sides of this intense political debate, which has vexed historians and fired up partisans since that razor-thin election. However, Kallina reaches the wrong conclusion, that is that the Illinois result wouldn't have changed the election's outcome, thus minimizing what he admits was widespread voter theft and fraud on election day.

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