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The Demographics of Trumpmania 4/19/11
I'm a Trump cheerleader. After 25 years as a lobbyist for Trump and Chairman of his 2000 Presidential Exploratory Committee, I like the man. I have studied mountains of polling conducted by the Trump casino interests studying the Trump brand for twenty years. I have studied the shocking new polls that show Trump vaulting to a lead over conventional politicians. A new PPP poll for Talking Points memo showed Trump leading the field.

Zuckerman poised to attack Trump 4/12/11
The Obama White House gave Donald Trump a big leg up with Tea Party adherents when Obama 2012 Campaign Manager David Plouffe tried to dismiss Trump's candidacy and merely confirmed that a free-spending Trump is the one candidate they fear in November match-up. Obama's sultans want Mitt Romey knowing he is neutered in the Health Care issue. Plouffe calling Trump a "clown" betrays an elitist attitude of arrogance.

Mitt's Trump Problem 4/7/11
When Mitt Romney had his high powered Finance committee phone call last week a full five minutes of a 25 minute call were spent on Donald Trump. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll has Romney barely leading a surging Trump in New Hampshire. The sudden spate of interest in the New York real estate developer has knocked Romney off-stride.

Eliot Spitzer Still Doesn't Get It 4/1/11
Eliot Spitzer, who accomplished nothing as Governor of New York State, other than having sex with a large number of expensive call girls and using the state police to harass his political opponents, has criticized new Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo who just closed a $10 billion state budget gap without raising taxes. In an interview in Our Town Newspaper Spitzer actually criticizes Cuomo for not raising taxes and for cutting health care costs.

Why Trump Should Forgo Public Campaign Finance 4/1/11
If Donald Trump runs for President, he should forgo public finance and federal matching funds not just because, as a mega-wealthy billionaire, he can, but because doing so would allow him to spend in the early primary and caucus state's without federal limitation. A candidate who accepts matching funds also agrees to observe strict spending limits in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Florida, and all the primary and caucus states. A candidate who self-funds and doesn't accept Federal matching funds is under no such limitations.

Warren Christopher R.I.P. 3/21/11
Warren Christopher who led Al Gore's legal team in the 2000 Presidential recount passed away last week, may he rest in peace. Republicans owe a great debt of gratitude to Mr. Christopher who began his career as an aide and speech writer for California Governor Edmund "Pat" Brown. Christopher and his Democratic legal team completely misunderstood the nature of the Florida 2000 recount; it was a "street fight for the Presidency of the United States" in the words of James A. Baker III, the former Secretary of State and Treasury Secretary who headed the Bush recount team in Florida in the HBO movie "Recount".

More Good News For Trump 3/21/11
More good polling news for New York developer Donald J. Trump who is considering entering the lists for Republican Presidential nomination. Donald Trump has an approval rating higher than better-known political quantities Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, the latest WSJ/NBC poll found.

Ed Rollins: Gay-Baiting Buffoon 3/14/11
Ed Rollins ran a campaign against former Democratic Speaker Tom Foley, who was by all indications a decent man, which attacked the veteran Congressman for being gay - and he calls me "despicable" in a recent story in The Washington Post. What could be more despicable than an orchestrated and anonymous whisper campaign smearing someone for their private life? Rollins has the effrontery to insist to the Post that the campaign of innuendo and hate that took down Foley was "clean" but he knows that's a lie. Rollins has chronic trouble telling the difference between a lie and the truth. Don't forget his claim that New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman's 1993 campaign "suppressed the black vote," a lie he retracted in front of the grand jury in Newark.

No Jail For Hevesi? 3/14/11
Speaking of Political consultants, Disgraced New York Comptroller Alan Hevesi's consultant Hank Morris got a four year sentence and a $19 million fine for orchestrating a fee stealing scam in the Comptroller's office but Hevesi himself is yet to be sentenced to a day in jail. Former Attorney General Andrew Cuomo charged Hevesi with misuse of his office, a less serious charge than bribery which would have carried a mandatory jail sentence. Cuomo's sentencing recommendation is not known and has not been made public. Hevesi's lawyers are trying desperately to remove respected State Judge Bart Stone (no relation) from the case, because Stone is thought to be ready to send Hevesi to the slammer. Since when do the guys at the top of a criminal conspiracy get a pass on incarceration for cooperation while those down the food chain get hard time?

NY26 - Will The Republicans Be Split? 3/14/11
Gary Berntsen likes to talk about what a tough guy he is in his role of fighting terrorism on behalf of the USA. His defeat in the Republican Primary for US Seante saved him the trouble of being ignominiously defeated by Chuck Schumer last year. Berntsen privately committed himself to Republican insurgent Carl Paladino in the primary for Governor last year according to Paladino campaign insiders but when asked in a televised debate before the primary if he preferred Paladino or ultimate loser Rick Lazio for Governor , big brave straight-talking Gary punted- and said he was "neutral". Paladino won the Republican primary for governor by almost 2 to 1.

Will Trump Really Run? 3/7/11
Donald Trump is a pop-culture phenomena. What other Manhattan real estate developer is known around the world? Where is the groundswell for Zeckendorf to run for President? How many are promoting the candidacy of Lefrak? Where is the Zuckerman movement ? Indeed Trump has promoted an over-the-top public persona over a 35 year period. The Apprentice has made that persona even bigger. He is the best known businessman in the world.

Attn. Tea Party Activists - 2/23/11
As someone who has been involved in his share of demonstrations and counter demonstrations, I can say I've seen what is happening in Wisconsin, New Jersey and elsewhere before. Like the President, I'm kind of an former Community Organizer, so to speak.

Pro-Life Trump Runs Shockingly Well In Newsweek Poll 2/23/11
Liberal elites may laugh at Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate but voters don't. A new Newsweek Daily Beast Poll shows Trump only three points down to Obama 43-41... Trump polls 18% as an Independent in a three way race so his base is strong.

Rick Scott Shows Cojones In Florida 2/23/11
lorida's new Governor is becoming a hero to the Tea Party by exposing the "cooked" state projections for costs and operating losses for the $5 Billion High Speed Rail. The Train can never make money and Florida taxpayers will pay far more than the $2.5 Billion they say this will cost the state. It's a boondoggle and Congressman Mica, a chief proponent, has lined his campaign coffers with special interest campaign dollars from those who want to build and operate this money loser.

Why The GOP Nomination Process Could Benefit Donald Trump 2/11/11
Every four years the voters and the media both complain that the presidential selection process starts too early and go too long as candidates all try to get a head start on competitors. Past is more than prologue. Forget everything you know about the Republican Presidential nominating process. The TV and cable networks, in their frenzy to trump each other, will start this process with the first televised debate a full eight months before the first votes are cast in Iowa closely followed by New Hampshire.

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