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LeMieux in 2010? No thanks 11/4/10
Appointed Florida Senator George Lemieux, who described himself as a "Charlie Crist Republican" when appointed to the Senate announced the day after the election that he was considering running for the seat of Senator Bill Nelson in 2012. LeMieux was the promoter, defender and protector of the corrupt Republican Party of Florida Chairman and took $350,000 in party funds from Greer to line his pockets. LeMieux in 2012? No thanks.

Anatomy of a New York Post Smear 10/20/10
Politics is a nasty business, but now Fred Dicker and his colleague at the New York Post have stooped to a new low- printing the wild and false allegations of a non-credible source regarding my personal conduct. In view of the fact that I am not a candidate for public office these unfounded attacks are the politics of personal destruction because I have dared to point out the bias of the New York Post and the self-aggrandizement of Fredric U. Dicker.

Dicker Busted Again 10/14/10
After New York Post curmudgeon Fred Dicker provoked Republican Candidate for Governor Carl Paladino in a chest poking rant seen around the world, Dicker took to the airwaves to claim he was pushed around and nearly knocked to the ground by "3" goons from the Paladino campaign.

Dicking Fred Dicker 10/12/10
The New York Post's Fred Dicker is a self-styled latter day Walter Winchell, using his old media perch at the Post to promote his (temporary) friends and attack their enemies. Dicker was once a booster of Governor George Pataki only to turn viciously on him in his last term. Dicker also bought into Governor Eliot Spitzer's "Day One-everything changes" campaign pledge before he almost single-handedly laid the Troopergate scandal in which Spitzer used the New York State Police to smear his political opponents at Spitzer's door.

Daily News Smear 10/12/10
The New York Governors' took on an even Kafkaesque quality this week when The New York Daily News attacked New York Republican Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino for adhering to New York State election law. Under the election law, when a candidate utilizes anything of value from a commercial company he or she owns, they must either declare the value of those items as an in-kind contribution, or they must pay for them. The only crime exists if the candidate utilizes, say, computers, office space, office personnel, or office supplies, and neither reports nor pays for them.

Is Obama the New Jimmy Carter? 8/17/10
President Barrack Obama maybe our most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter. Both Carter and Obama share the same high opinion of themselves and both are now revealed to be bunglers without a clue. Obama's 12 hour support for the Ground Zero Mosque before he mounted a full and hasty retreat is the single worst misstep since Carter blamed a national malaise for the nation's problems.

FOX: Roger Stone on the Nevada Showdown 8/2/10

Will Someone Save Angle? 8/2/10
Republican US Senate candidate Sharon Angle can still win the seat of U.S. Senate majority leader Harry Reid despite an expensive early summer negative TV pounding of Angle by Reid's Special Interest-fueled campaign and a so-called 527 committee organized by Reid cronies. A recent Rasmussen Poll show 41 % of voters now viewed Angle unfavorably while 48 % Reid's negatives still outweighs Angle's. Reid is under 50% at 45% and Angle is at 43%. High unemployment is hurting Reid who is trying to depict Angle as a dangerous nut.

Fred Barnes not on a team? Why did GOP pay him? 8/2/10

Rangel's Political Options 8/2/10
Beleagured Congressman Charlie Rangel has more political options than many realize,as he face a House trial on charges that clearly include tax evasion and abuse of power. He could be expelled or resign from the House, win the Democratic primary and the general election and force the House to decide whether to seat him... if he can get by hard-charging Adam Clayton Powell IV, (http://powellforcongress.com) the lengendary. Congressman and Civil Rights leader Rangel defeated in 1970.

700,000 Pieces of Silver for Kathleen Parker 8/2/10
I would have so much more respect for Kathleen Parker who has agreed to co-anchor at CNN with world-class slimeball Eliot Spitzer if she would just admit she is doing it for the $700,00 CNN is paying her (Client # 9 is only getting $400,000) but trying to whitewash and rationalize Spitzer's sins in a self-serving column in the Washington Post is beyond the pale.

Is Marco Rubio Going To Run A Campaign? 7/14/10
Charlie Crist is a real glad-hander with scant principles or philosophical moorings. After winning public office by claiming to be a "Ronald Reagan conservative" and a pro-life tax cutter,Crist has proven to be neither. Crist is the kind of politician you are impressed with the first time you meet him. By the third time you meet him you realize he is completely full of shit and completely ego-centric. Charlie believes in nothing but the self aggrandizement of Charlie. Charlie is focused, driven and relentless.

Darren Dopp Spitzer Fall Guy 7/14/10
It is no small irony that former Eliot Spitzer Aide Darren Dopp, who carried out Spitzer express orders to focus a dirty tricks operation on former Senate majority Leader Joe Bruno, is fighting an effort by the New York State Ethics Commission to fine him for carrying out Spitzer's orders, memorialized in e-mails released after Spitzer's resignation at the same time Spitzer mounts a doomed cable TV show on CNN.

Roger Stone On Romney, Synthetic Fibers, Sarah Palin And The Dangers Of Dry Cleaning 7/14/10

Ronald Reagan on Socialism and Liberalism 7/9/10

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