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The Life and Times of Dick Nixon

The Style of Ronald Reagan

Is Marco Rubio Going To Run A Campaign? 7/14/10
Charlie Crist is a real glad-hander with scant principles or philosophical moorings. After winning public office by claiming to be a "Ronald Reagan conservative" and a pro-life tax cutter,Crist has proven to be neither. Crist is the kind of politician you are impressed with the first time you meet him. By the third time you meet him you realize he is completely full of shit and completely ego-centric. Charlie believes in nothing but the self aggrandizement of Charlie. Charlie is focused, driven and relentless.

Darren Dopp Spitzer Fall Guy 7/14/10
It is no small irony that former Eliot Spitzer Aide Darren Dopp, who carried out Spitzer express orders to focus a dirty tricks operation on former Senate majority Leader Joe Bruno, is fighting an effort by the New York State Ethics Commission to fine him for carrying out Spitzer's orders, memorialized in e-mails released after Spitzer's resignation at the same time Spitzer mounts a doomed cable TV show on CNN.

Roger Stone On Romney, Synthetic Fibers, Sarah Palin And The Dangers Of Dry Cleaning 7/14/10

Ronald Reagan on Socialism and Liberalism 7/9/10

Gore Ruining My Pristine Reputation 6/29/10
I am outraged that former Vice President Al Gore would sully my pristine reputation by booking his massage assignations under my name. I would never book a full-service massage through a hotel concierge. What a buffoon.

The Strange Case Of Alvin Greene 6/29/10
No, I had nothing to do with the surprise victory of seemingly indigent Alvin Greene in the South Carolina Democratic primary. Whoever did foster Greene's candidacy - if anyone at all - knew what they were doing. Greene's win is really not that hard to explain.

CNN's Race To The Bottom 6/29/10
Eliot Spitzer liked to choke girls who refused his demands to have sex without a condom - now CNN is giving him a cable TV show.

Rick Lozio 6/29/10
What is more pathetic than former Congressman Rick Lazio's campaign for Governor of the Empire State. Lazio is by all accounts a nice fellow. Who in his campaign convinced him to attack Democrat front runner Andrew Cuomo for taking money from lobbyists while Lazio is himself a lobbyist who took a $1.3 million wall street bonus for JP Morgan while they were getting $25 Billion bail-out from taxpayers? Democrat operative Charlie Kingrunning of the State Democratic Party, who has emerged as an intimate advisor to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, did a tune on Wall Street Rick in the New York media.

Lazio's Dilemma 6/15/10
Rick Lazio is the designee of the New York Republican Party but wont be it's nominee unless he overcomes the Republican Primary challenge of hard-charging Buffalo businessman and Tea Party activist Carl Paladino. "The Republican primary is a right-wing orgy" is what Lazio strategist Arthur Finklestein used to say: today he whistles a different tune insisting the pro-abortion, pro-gun control Lazio, a cheerleader for Andrew Cuomo's sub-prime mortgage fiasco when Lazio was in the Congress, will easily prevail over the more-conservative pro-life, pro-second amendment Paladino. He's wrong. Paladino will be more than competitive.

Frenchy in the Soup 6/15/10
US Senator George Lemieux is shocked, shocked that there are financial irregularities around former Florida GOP Chief Jim Greer. Please give us a break. The Little Frenchman who knifed his mentor Charlie Crist by backing Marco Rubio for the US Senate was Greer's protector when the Palm Beach Post published evidence of Greer's spending at the Breakers... For food, wine, alcohol, spa treatments, and lavish meals - all at party expense. Greer facilitated the $350,000 the State Party paid to the little French seat warmer. I contend it was a pass through from the Seminoles in return for George giving them a sweetheart gaming contract. Where is the US Attorney ?

Roger Stone on Why He's a Libertarian, Gay Marriage, and Freedom 6/15/10

Ed Cox's Two Ballot Strategy 5/25/10
Changing the rules at the Convention if your candidate is losing is a tradition in the Republican Party. Such a move nominated Dwight D.Eisenhower and started the trajectory of New York Republican party Chairman Ed Cox's father-in-law, Richard M. Nixon to the Vice Presidency and eventually to the White House.

Cuomo and the Working Families Party 5/25/10
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is the odds-on front runner to be Governor of the Empire State largely because of the political discipline he has demonstrated since his 2006 gubernatorial defeat. Cuomo has carefully avoided controversial or ideological issues. He has also limited his access to the media in order to more tightly control his public relations messaging. Should Sheik Mohammed be tried in a civil court? Andrew hasn't said. Furloughs for state workers opposed by the public employee unions? The Attorney General hasn't taken a position.

Specter and the Obama Double-Cross 5/25/10
In his five terms in the US Senate Arlen Specter left his mark on both that institution and on the country. In a political career which marked four city and statewide defeats before he won his first US Senate term in 1980, Specter exasperated both Republicans and Democrats with his quirky and independent style.

The Jewish Avenger 5/11/10
It had to happen. Andrew Perez was an intern at Rothstein Rosenfeldt and Adler who watched the Scott Rothstein/Billion dollar Ponzi saga unfold from a ringside seat. Now Perez has sold the option for "THE JEWISH AVENGER" - a screenplay also called "Rothstein-the Movie" to Montbanc Films of Santa Monica. The production company that optioned the screenplay is in discussions with both HBO and XF, both of whom have expressed extreme interest in packaging it as made-for-TV movie. Preliminary casting has been discussed.

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