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Cuomo and the Working Families Party 5/25/10
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is the odds-on front runner to be Governor of the Empire State largely because of the political discipline he has demonstrated since his 2006 gubernatorial defeat. Cuomo has carefully avoided controversial or ideological issues. He has also limited his access to the media in order to more tightly control his public relations messaging. Should Sheik Mohammed be tried in a civil court? Andrew hasn't said. Furloughs for state workers opposed by the public employee unions? The Attorney General hasn't taken a position.

Specter and the Obama Double-Cross 5/25/10
In his five terms in the US Senate Arlen Specter left his mark on both that institution and on the country. In a political career which marked four city and statewide defeats before he won his first US Senate term in 1980, Specter exasperated both Republicans and Democrats with his quirky and independent style.

The Jewish Avenger 5/11/10
It had to happen. Andrew Perez was an intern at Rothstein Rosenfeldt and Adler who watched the Scott Rothstein/Billion dollar Ponzi saga unfold from a ringside seat. Now Perez has sold the option for "THE JEWISH AVENGER" - a screenplay also called "Rothstein-the Movie" to Montbanc Films of Santa Monica. The production company that optioned the screenplay is in discussions with both HBO and XF, both of whom have expressed extreme interest in packaging it as made-for-TV movie. Preliminary casting has been discussed.

Crist's Gamble 4/30/10
Charlie Crist's stunning decision to run in the Florida U.S. Senate race as an Independent is based on two assumptions; Crist is a certain loser in the Republican Party Primary against former House Speaker Marco Rubio; and Kendrick Meek winning the Democratic nominee and will, because of his liberalism, own ethics scandals, and underfunding, will underperform among Democrats.

Spitzer Steps on a Land Mine 4/29/10
Eliot Spitzer was the toast of Manhattan last week with an extremely sympathetic book, and film project re-firing speculation that the former Governor wants to climb back into the political arena. Despite the dubious scholarship of both film and book, Spitzer was everywhere; on cable, radio and the New York Times.

Spitzer Movie Propaganda Piece 4/26/10
Alex Gibney's untitled documentary on Eliot Spitzer which previewed at the Tribeca Film Festival is a terrific campaign film. It could have been made by Guggenheim, the early political auteur, who helmed films for the Kennedy brothers. That Gibney is a great filmmaker, there is no doubt. He is also a fine fellow to hoist a few and dine with, swapping stories. But his movie is a pro-Spitzer propaganda piece.

Dicker on Elkind Book: 4/23/10

Spitzer Author, College Classmate Cheerleader for Comeback 4/23/10
Author of new Spitzer rehab book "Rough Justice," a love letter which dwells on the sexual but fails to examine the blackmail and selective prosecution tactics he used as a prosecutor, or his misuse of state funds to have State Police spy on his enemies, has revealed himself as a cheerleader for a return of Client #9 to public office.

Roger Stone on Spitzer Comeback 4/23/10

Is the New York Conservative Party Done? 4/23/10

Paladino Fights Back 4/23/10

Spitzer Book is Revisionist Crap 4/15/10
Peter Elkind's new book "Rough Justice," a chronicle of the fall and supposed resurrection of Eliot Spitzer, is a contorted piece of shit. Elkind joins the growing Upper East Side Liberal chorus that would have us forget Spitzer's violation of various state and federal laws, his repeated lies about the abuse of power involved in using the state police to spy on his political opponents and his lies regarding the source of the funding of his first two campaigns for Attorney General.

Paladino Makes Some Sense on Gay Marriage 4/15/10
Conservative businessman Carl Paladino is opposed to gay marriage in New York State. But because Paladino favors Initiatives and Referendums, he has proposed it be put to a vote and would abide by the result as Governor.

Separated at Birth? 4/15/10

Hammond's Organ 4/12/10
The New York Daily News used to be the newspaper of middle-class New York. The paper favored by the Irish, Italians, Poles, as well as New York's emerging African-American and Latino middle-class, lost its place in the newspaper market by shifting left in its editorial posture and through its columnists tried to become the New York Times. This explains why they have a smaller and smaller share of newspaper readers in the New York metropolitan area.

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