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The Style of Ronald Reagan

StoneZone Book Review 3/24/10
Historians are traditionally "men of the left," academics eager to re-write history. So it is with Ronald Reagan. "The Reagan tax cuts caused the deficit"Ě we are told. "Federal revenues dropped due to the Reagan tax cuts" they sniff. None of this is true, of course.

The Spitzer Watch 3/24/10
Rich, bored, and unrepentant Eliot Spitzer continues to bounce from interview to interview trying out a new rationalization for his hooker-habit every couple days.

Memorandum For David Axelrod 3/9/10
I understand how you feel. Washington can be a cold and lonely place when the Georgetown cocktail set figures out that the Emperor has no clothes. Imagine the surprise of the cognoscenti when they found out that Obama was not only not Black Jesus, but he turned out to be Black Jimmy Carter; indecisive, in over his head.

Silver's Cabal 3/9/10
Embattled New York Governor David Paterson must resist establishment pressure to resign in the wake of various ethics sandals unfolding in his Administration. The elevation of unelected Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch is the desired game-plan of Assembly Speaker Sheldon 'Shelly' Silver who is elected only by a narrow swath of voters on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Why Kudlow Must Run 3/1/10
The prospect of CNBC analyst Larry Kudlow seeking the Republican and Conservative Party nominations to oppose Sen. Chuck Schumer has become a cause among Tea Party folks, Conservatives, Republicans and many on Wall Street. Not since James L. Buckley won a US Senate seat in 1970 have New York Conservatives been so excited about a statewide political race.

Al Haig Passes 3/1/10
My friend Chris Ruddy was justifiably sadden by news that former Reagan Secretary of State, and Nixon White House Chief of Staff, Alexander Haig, had passes at 85. Haig had been an advisor to Rudy‚??s wildly successful conservative news organization, Newsmax. The Newsmax column on Haig is must reading.

Matt Labash - America's Leading Skeptic/Wise Guy 2/16/10
There are two things Matt Labash can do; one is drink, the other one is write. In this collection, Labash gilds his reputation as America's leading skeptic/wise guy. I also found out that he is not susceptible to blackmail, physical threats or intimidation. I know. I tried. Labash's bullshit detector is most sensitive, and as a skeptic/wise guy, he doesn't believe anything you tell him anyway. He's always gonna go check it out. It's a real pain in the ass as with most Washington reporters you could convince them that the sky was green or that the war in Iraq was a good idea without too much effort. Bill Kristol has actually done it.

Crist's Party Meltdown 2/8/10
Now that Governor Charlie Crist's new Grand jury on corruption is empanelled under the leadership of Judge Victor Tobin, the investigation of Governor Crist and his cronies should begin immediately.

Spitzer Lies About Black Socks In Boudoir 2/1/10

Don't Count Charlie Out 2/1/10

Specter Plays Defense 2/1/10

2009 A Bad Year for Obama and Socialism 1/14/10

Who Made Chuck Schumer King? 1/14/10

Rothstein Meets Obama 1/14/10

Why Spitzer's Comeback Should Be Taken Seriously 1/14/10

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