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The Bruno Decision 12/11/09
The cockamamie criminal case of Joe Bruno, the longtime New York Republican Senate Leader, with its assorted procession of colorful witnesses, its arrogant pro-prosecution judge who didn't bother to hide his hatred of Bruno, and a pugilistic and unbowed defendant, has laid bare the business of Albany to the public eye. For those who daily slog its halls, news of such tacit wink and nod arrangements that are at issue in the Bruno trial, are so pedestrian in a capital of leaky ethics that nary an insider pricked a brow. It is also why Joe Bruno is so contemptuous about the charges he faces; he played by the rules as he and all of Albany understood them.

Stone With Morley On Rothstein 12/8/09

Sharpe Shenanigans 12/7/09
The Bruno Jury in Albany is hung. After six full days of deliberation, the Jury has passed notes to Judge Gary Sharpe, a hard-drinking former U.S. Attorney for this district with questions that are all arguably favorable to the 81 year old former Majority Leader in the New York Senate.

Rock and Roll Rothstein 12/4/09
People don't really recognize the extent to which Fort Lauderdale lawyer and accused Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein was a showman. Rothstein had a way of being the center of attention in any room or setting. He was loud, gregarious and affectionate. He kissed male and female acquaintances and signed all his closing correspondence "Love Ya."

The Spitzer Watch 12/3/09
Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer continues to make the rounds of ?safe? media interviews ? that is interviews with liberal media outlets where the interviewer will ask him about the Fed, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Wall Street but won?t ask him about the $80,000 a year he spent on prostitutes while he was the highest law enforcement officer in the State, as well as Governor, his use of multiple escort services, his misuse of the State Police to spy on his political opponents, and the illegal loans from his father that financed his political career or his physical abuse of individual call girls.

Bruno Jury Out 11/24/09
If former New York Senate Republican Leader Joe Bruno is convicted in a 'Theft of Honest Services' case in a trial that just ended in Albany New York, then New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should be immediately indicted based on his outside income of $350,000 a year from a personal injury law firm, and based on his known opposition in the Assembly to tort reform.

McCain Aides Attacks on Palin Grow Tedious 11/19/09
The continued attacks on Sarah Palin by campaign Aides to Senator John McCain are almost beyond belief. Continued attacks on Palin, and on her performance as the Vice Presidential candidate by McCain Aide Steve Schmidt, are particularly ridiculous given Schmidt's track record of incompetence and missteps by the senior McCain aide during the Presidential campaign.

O'Toole Scores 11/19/09
Rarely in state politics do you find a politician with the skills and success of New Jersey State Senator Kevin O?Toole. This profile on PolitickerNJ.com is well worth a read. http://www.politickernj.com/max/34912/otoole-relishes-new-role-power-contact-both-christie-and-sweeney

NY Dems Hump Gays 11/19/09
You aren't suppose to say it if you are gay, but the New York Democratic Party, having taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the gay community to win control of the New York State Senate, is double-crossing New York gays and lesbians in their quest to pass a marriage equality bill.

Rothstein As Robin Hood 11/10/09
Many people who know Scott Rothstein, the National GOP money-man accused of running a $700 million+ Ponzi scheme in Florida, believe the portrait I have painted of him here on the stoneZONE is not fully rounded - and they are right.

Have you been tested for Gongora? 11/9/09

Rothstein Accomplice Still On Lam 11/6/09
Bill Brock was introduced to everyone at the RRA law firm as Rothstein's uncle, although whether that is true is unknown. What is known is that Brock's job at RRA was to issue checks for Rothstein's various ventures and contributions. Brock had the sole security pass for the area where records of Rothstein's non-law firm businesses were kept - other than Rothstein himself.

The Fall of Scott Rothstein 11/4/09
Needless to say my phone has been ringing off the hook regarding the spectacular fall of Fort Lauderdale lawyer, Scott Rothstein. Rothstein and I were partners in RRA Consulting, an LLC which was set up to provide public affairs assistance to the RRA law firm's legal clients. Unfortunately that business never generated any clients.

PD Editor Pimps For Casino Gambling 11/4/09
Cleveland Plain Dealer's Editor, Susan Goldberg claims to be an objective and principled journalist but her actions during Ohio's recent campaign over casino gaming demonstrate that she is neither.

Obama And The Nobel Peace Prize 10/12/09
The Committee that selects the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is chosen by the Norwegian Parliament; bearded liberals reeking of pickled herring who generally hate America but love Obama. It?s a three-fer.

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