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The Fall of Scott Rothstein 11/4/09
Needless to say my phone has been ringing off the hook regarding the spectacular fall of Fort Lauderdale lawyer, Scott Rothstein. Rothstein and I were partners in RRA Consulting, an LLC which was set up to provide public affairs assistance to the RRA law firm's legal clients. Unfortunately that business never generated any clients.

PD Editor Pimps For Casino Gambling 11/4/09
Cleveland Plain Dealer's Editor, Susan Goldberg claims to be an objective and principled journalist but her actions during Ohio's recent campaign over casino gaming demonstrate that she is neither.

Obama And The Nobel Peace Prize 10/12/09
The Committee that selects the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is chosen by the Norwegian Parliament; bearded liberals reeking of pickled herring who generally hate America but love Obama. It?s a three-fer.

Darren Dopp Won't Be The Fall Guy For The Steamroller 10/12/09
Longtime Spitzer hatchet-man and toady Michael G. Cherkasky ? Chairman of the New York State Commission on Public Integrity ? at Cherkasky?s direction, the Commission voted to fine Dopp $10,000 which Dopp refuse to pay and is vowing to fight in court. This could be excellent if Spitzer is called as a witness to testify as to who said what to whom. Extensive e-mails ultimately released after Spitzer?s fall showed the short-tempered and foul mouthed Spitzer was a control freak who approved and ordered the dirty trick to besmirch Bruno, his political opponent.

ACORN Advances 10/5/09
Last week was both good and bad for the leftist "activism for profit and power" leadership of ACORN. Their tentacles will finally reach New York City Hall - and the Pension funds of New York City when the Democratic nominees for Public Advocate and City Comptroller, both of whom owe their nomination to the ACORN front - the New York Working Families Party, are elected this November. At the same time a scandal started to unravel in an upstate New York county where for the first time ACORN is under the scrutiny of a District Attorney who is not a Democrat cross-endorsed by the WFP.

David's Dilemma 9/29/09
Anyone who has meet New York Governor David Paterson will concede that he is a nice guy and an imminently likable person. Since being thrust into the Governor's chair, he has sadly made a series of missteps, miscalculations and political errors that make his prospects for reelection dim. He has raised taxes, increased spending and still needs billions more in budget cuts.

Saturday Night Live: Paterson 9/29/09

NY DAILY NEWS: Andrew Cuomo: From Horror On The Hudson To Democrats' Chosen Son 9/29/09

Acorn Accounting 9/29/09
The announcement of ACORN that former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger, will be called in to review ACORN's finances and activities is not reassuring. Although I am sure that Harshbarger is a fine fellow and a good lawyer, he is also a liberal Democrat elected with Union support in Massachusetts. Given that the funders of ACORN are principally unions, a more reassuring choice could have been made.

A Third Party in 2012? 9/21/09

Working Families Party = ACORN 9/17/09
Media coverage of ACORN and that organization's illegal activities in New York, California and elsewhere has largely ignored one of ACORN's most successful projects; New York's Working Families Party (WFP).

Stone Addresses Overflow Crowd at Quincy Tea Party 9/14/09

Spitzer Stooge Fights Ethics Reform 9/10/09
Mike Cherkasky, Chairman of the New York State Commission on Public Integrity and a longtime hatchet man and stooge for former Governor Eliot Spitzer, is trying to defeat sweeping ethics reform legislation now in the New York State Senate.

Tea Party Patriots Light Fire On Prairie 9/10/09

STONE on September 12th Rally 9/10/09

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