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At Politicon, Roger Stone has plenty to say - for and against Trump team 7/30/17
Political consultant Roger Stone was every bit his controversial self Saturday night at the Politicon event in Pasadena, California.

Ex Trump Adviser: McCain Is A P.O.S. 7/30/17
Sen. John McCain is #2 in the eyes of former Trump adviser Roger Stone -- and no, he doesn't mean second place.

Al Madrigal Got a Personal Note From Donald Trump Telling Him He's 'An Idiot' 7/30/17
Donald Trump, before he became president, had a well-documented history of sending critical notes to journalists who wrote negative articles about him.

Trump Associate Roger Stone Calls On The President To Pardon The Bundys And Their Supporters In The Name Of Justice 7/15/17
Hundreds of supporters turned out at a Las Vegas event Saturday night supporting the defendants facing trial in the Bunkerville standoff case.

Former Watergate Prosecutor Nailed In Lie 6/25/17
Despite his historic agreement on the limitation of nuclear warheads with Russia, his normalization of diplomatic and commercial relationships with China, his saving of the state of Israel, his de-segregation of the public schools and his generally progressive domestic policies, President Richard Nixon continues to get nothing but "foaming- at- the mouth" irrational hatred of the left.

Intersection: John Morgan Finds An Unlikely Ally In Roger Stone 6/23/17
Orlando attorney John Morgan isn't happy with the decision the legislature took on medical marijuana and whether it can be smoked. He says he'll sue. He also wants the federal government to decriminalize marijuana.

The Cannabis Industry Apocalypse 6/22/17
When President Trump was campaigning, he was interviewed several times where the question of marijuana and state's rights had come up. In all cases, then Candidate Trump said he believed that medical marijuana was fine, for the states that had passed laws about it, though he thought recreational use was a more complicated issue.

Longtime Trump Ally And Advisor On A Mission To Legalize Marijuana 6/21/17
Roger Stone, a staunch conservative and longtime friend and adviser to Donald Trump, recently announced the formation of a bipartisan United States Cannabis Coalition (USCC), whose goals include protecting states' rights, legalizing marijuana and reforming "our antiquated and failed federal drug laws."

Donald Trump Owes His Presidency To Pro-Cannabis Voters, According To Roger Stone 6/19/17
Donald Trump owes his electoral victory to pro-cannabis voters according to political strategist Roger Stone, who wants the president to repay the favor by getting out of the way of the movement to legalize marijuana.

Former Trump Advisor Roger Stone Forms Coalition to Legalize Marijuana Nationwide 6/19/17
Roger Stone announced the formation of the United States Cannabis Coalition (USCC) on Friday during the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in New York.

Roger Stone and Co.: Weed or No Weed? 6/19/17
Former Trump campaign advisor and political consultant Roger Stone is lobbying President Trump to legalize marijuana.

Roger Stone: The Voice In Washington We've Been Waiting For 6/18/17
All this time we've been wondering who the pro marijuana voice of reason in the Trump's circle would be. With so many in Trump's campaign that are clearly prohibitionist, the chances of any real supporters seemed slimmer than ever.

'Cut The Sh*T': Roger Stone Calls Out Jeff Sessions Over Marijuana 6/16/17
A long-time political advisor to President Donald Trump has formed a new political organization to fight the Trump administration on the issue of marijuana legalization.

One of Trump's closest allies is starting a lobbying group to change the President's stance on marijuana 6/16/17
Longtime Trump adviser and staunch conservative Roger Stone has a new mission: legalizing marijuana nationwide.

Here's Some Weird Stuff Roger Stone Said at a Weed Conference 6/16/17
The depths of the veteran Republican strategist's consummate shittiness are like a rotting onion. Layer upon layer of dirty political tricks and cons from a conspiracy theorist and serial liar who has found his way behind the scenes into most of the major political controversies and scandals of the past 40-plus years.

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