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Review: 'Get Me Roger Stone' Shows Just How Deeply Stone Is Embedded in the Leftist Psyche 5/15/17
Get Me Roger Stone, the newly released Netflix documentary that explores Stone's colorful career in politics, is worth your time to watch even if you hate Roger Stone. Especially if you hate Roger Stone, because you might learn how he gets under his haters' skin so effectively.

John Doyle: Get Me Roger Stone - essential insight into Trump's triumph 5/14/17
At the end of another extraordinary, shambolic week for the Trump administration, along comes a sizzling insight into all that cockeyed bedlam.

For doc makers, our crazy news cycle a nightmare and a dream 5/14/17
"Get Me Roger Stone" could have been a very different movie. When the documentary's directors started filming the proudly notorious political strategist in 2011, he appeared to be in the twilight of his career. Here was a portrait of a down-on-his-luck power broker with a seedy reputation, relegated to the fringes of Washington's political elite.

Film Review: 'Get Me Roger Stone' 5/14/17
A look at the dark prince of right-wing consulting, who arguably got Donald Trump elected, is lively, fun, sickening, and essent

Netflix's 'Get Me Roger Stone' unmasks the power broker who helped deliver President Trump 5/13/17
It's an understatement to say that Donald J. Trump's presidential win in November caught a lot of people by surprise, on both sides of the aisle. Roger Stone wasn't one of them.

Film Review: Get Me Roger Stone - A portrait of the controversial political strategist that stops short of real interrogation 5/12/17
Roger Stone couldn't care less if you hate him.

'Get Me Roger Stone' directors talk Trump and Stone connection 5/12/17
A new documentary traces the career of self-styled "political provocateur" and ally to President Donald Trump Roger Stone, and the film's directors -- Daniel DiMauro and Morgan Pehme -- told CBSN that the White House's efforts to create distance between Stone and the president strikes them as disingenuous.

Who is Roger Stone? Shameless right-wing huckster or President Trump's puppet master? 5/12/17

Get Me Roger Stone Review - Grim If Gripping Profile Of The Man Who Made Trump 5/12/17
Fortuitously timed doesn't begin to describe the release of this new Netflix documentary about America's smear-campaigner-in-chief Roger Stone.

Review: 'Get Me Roger Stone' Might Be The Scariest Film Of The Trump Era 5/12/17
I've just walked out of a morning screening of Netflix's new documentary Get Me Roger Stone, and I count myself lucky I skipped breakfast, because if I hadn't I'd have vomited. My revulsion at its titular subject is that body-rattlingly violent. I'm shaking. My fingernails, pristinely lacquered and decently long just this morning are now whittled to bloody nubs, as it's my habit to pick at them when I'm anxious or annoyed.

In Netflix's Get Me Roger Stone, the notorious GOP operative plays both narrator and villain 5/12/17
Roger Stone shows up everywhere in American politics -- as journalist Jeffrey Toobin puts it early on in the new Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone, he's the "sinister Forrest Gump of American politics," popping up everywhere from Watergate to the Trump campaign.

'Get Me Roger Stone' Profiles The Man Who's Wanted Trump To Run Since 1987 5/12/17
If you haven't heard of the self-described dirty trickster Roger Stone, you're missing out. For decades, he's worked as a political adviser to Donald Trump, and some credit him with getting Trump into the Oval Office. Daniel DiMauro, Dylan Bank and Morgan Pehme directed the new documentary Get Me Roger Stone.

Netflix's 'Get Me Roger Stone': Who Is The Man Behind The Trump Campaign? 5/12/17

The Inside Skinny on How America Got (Roger) Stoned 5/12/17
When the filmmakers started on their Netflix documentary, Roger Stone was running and losing quixotic races and fading from the scene. Then...

I got Roger Stone 5/12/17
Roger Stone is a media personality extraordinaire best known as a "former" longtime political adviser to President Trump. He has been a Republican operative since the 1970s and is a veteran of eight presidential campaigns, starting in 1972 with Richard Nixon's re-election.

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