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LETTER: Roger Stone’s Attorneys Demand Transcript Release

Last week, Robert Mueller requested for the House Intelligence Committee to turn over and official transcript of Roger Stone’s more than 4hours of testimony before lawmakers regarding the Russia investigation. While some mainstream media hacks and political pundits have framed this request as the death knell for Stone, the longtime Trump confidante has asked for […]

Target Liberty: Stone’s Demand To Release His Testimony

Target Liberty has exclusively obtained the letter, sent by Roger Stone’s attorney, Grant J. Smith, to  Chairman Devin Nunes of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, demanding the release of the transcript of Stone’s testimony before the committee. The demand comes on the heels of reports that special counselor Robert Mueller has sought and […]

THE HILL: Stone Challenges Dems To Produce WikiLeaks Evidence

***ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN THE HILL*** Longtime GOP strategist Roger Stone on Tuesday fired back at Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee who have accused the former informal Trump campaign adviser of lying to Congress as part of his testimony for the Russia probe. “If Congressman Swalwell or Congressman Castro or Congressman Schiff have evidence of […]

The Lies of Adam Schiff

Despite the partisan claims of Congressman Schiff, a huckster and conman of the first magnitude and others of his ilk, my submitted statement and testimony to the House Intelligence Committee was and is entirely accurate. I recently released text messages that absolutely establish that, as I informed the committee, now unemployed radio talk show host […]

Federalist: Why MSM Frenzy On Stone, Corsi, Wikileaks Is Bunk

***FIRST APPEARED IN THE FEDERALIST*** By Adam Mill A recent blitz of “bombshell” headlines initially appear to show there might actually have been some collusion between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russia. First, there was The Guardian claiming that Paul “Manaford” (oops, the source meant Manafort) met with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks in spring 2016, with […]

DAILY CALLER: What To Make Of Corsi-Stone Saga

Two longtime political operatives and associates of President Donald Trump are offering conflicting accounts about what they both knew during the 2016 campaign about WikiLeaks and the group’s plans to release the emails of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Jerome Corsi wrote in his upcoming book, “Silent No More,” that he made three key allegations in […]

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