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A Trump-Tucker Ticket?

A Trump-Tucker Ticket?

By Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge

A Trump Tucker ticket for the presidency in 2024. Just imagine it.

Wow. Oh my goodness. Praise the Lord. Fantastic. Our prayers are answered.

Could it actual happen? The dream ticket is not as far-fetched as previously thought.

A Trump Tucker (T2) presidential ticket is beginning to look like a real possibility. A T2 ticket would be putting the Make America Great Again movement and the America First alliance on steroids.

As opposed to being a “balanced ticket,” it would be a “double down” on an American exceptionalism ticket.

A Trump-Tucker ticket would certainly electrify and energize a base already loaded for bear. A T2 ticket would tell the American citizen, and put the globalist elites, and the Deep State hooligans on notice, that we are right, we are unashamed, we will not be intimated, and we will not apologize. A Trump-Tucker ticket might possibly be the ticket that saves our democratic republic. A T2 ticket might be the platform that holds off the communists/deep state/globalist elites.

A T2 presidency might be the answer to putting the BLM and Antifa criminals in jail. A Trump-Tucker administration might be the only hope for securing the First and Second amendments. An unashamed and without apology Trump-Tucker ticket might just be the political platform and personalities that save the American empire from the dustpan of history.

Now, if there is election interference and voter fraud like there was in 2020, it will not matter.

If in the toss-up states, they stop counting the votes at 11:30 p.m. and after everyone goes home, start up again at 2:30 in the morning, it won’t matter.

If Fulton County, Georgia counts Biden votes multiple times, it won’t matter.

If the upper Midwest states use Zuckerbucks again, it won’t matter.

If the management and upper echelons at Fox News appear to be willing participants, it won’t matter.

If state election officials in Pennsylvania are once again allowed to purposely ignore their very own state legislated election laws, it won’t matter.

If 2024 election tabulations are counted just as they were in the Purple States in 2020, it won’t matter.

But, but, but, if the election is run fair and square in the swing states, without cheating, without the Deep State “brownshirts” putting their thumb on the scale; it will matter.

Without the FBI/CIA/NSA running cover for the Biden/Harris ticket; Donald Trump and running mate Tucker Carlson will win the 2024 election for the presidency.

If only legitimate and legal votes are counted, and they are counted only once, T2 will win by a landslide and they will even dominate in the Purple/Border/Swing States.

Fair Elections Matter.

Tucker Carlson brings a great deal to the ticket for Donald Trump. Tucker is bright, youthful, articulate, and seasoned as to D.C. politics. Tucker is fearless, unafraid, and courageous to the attacks he will undoubtedly face from D.C. and the far left media. Tucker has had over 30 years of life in the D.C./New York City environment and he knows who the evil people are and what their tactics will be.

Yet he is the David of the Old Testament taking on the Goliath of the D.C. deep state criminals. Tucker’s back will be straight, his knee will only bow to the Lord, and he is willing to have a bull’s-eye on his back.

Donald Trump needs such a soldier. And ‘soldier’ is the correct term because if T2 are successful, it will be war.

Maybe not armed conflict, maybe, but it certainly will be cloak-dagger tactics done by the alphabet intelligence goons. Unlike Mike Pence, who is now doing his Benedict Arnold/John Dean III impersonation, Tucker Carlson will fight as hard, be loyal, and be as relentless as his president. Evangelicals, conservatives, Christians, Constitutionalists and supporters of Israel will be very pleased to have Tucker Carlson as vice president.

President Trump was willing to take on those sacred cows during his presidency. Trump fearlessly took on the Deep State, the FBI/CIA/NSA, NATO, the military industrial complex, and Obama/Bush.

Tucker similarly has a history of taking on the sacred cows as well. Tucker has full-throatily taken on the CIA, the JFK assassination, the J6 FEDsurrection, and the George Floyd lies. Tucker has without fear taken on the Nord Stream II pipeline explosion, COVID-19 lies, the vaccination lies, white replacement goals, and the falsities of global warming.

Tucker continues to attack Hillary Clinton, Anthony Fauci, the military -industrial complex, Kamala Harris, Ray Epps, and why are we in Ukraine. He asks where the Jeffrey Epstein client list is.

Tucker is unafraid and Trump must have that in his veep. Tucker is pro-life, worships God, and knows that an America without the underpinning of Judeo-Christian values is headed for the same fate as the Roman empire.

Tucker knows , if America has no Godly conscience, then we are done. Tucker continues to fight for our flawed, but heroic, Founding Fathers. He knows our Founders were not perfect, but they were exceptional. Because of Tucker’s background, experience, and his intuition; Tucker knows where many of the bodies are buried and who put them there.

Tucker Carlson appears exactly who Donald Trump needs to put him over the top in 2024.

The T2 ticket tells our friends and our enemies, from within and without, what the T2 mission is. Trump-Tucker will show MAGA and America First that they are not the forgotten working class.

A T2 presidency will let Jerusalem and Israel know that we have their backs and that there is no moral equivalence between the Jews and Hamas. A Trump-Tucker ticket stands with Israel, a Biden administration does not.

A T2 presidency will make sure Russia is out of Ukraine, China backs away from Taiwan, and Iran stops its nuclear proliferation…..and this will be done without the firing of one bullet. A firm, in-your-face, and convincing warning is all that will be needed to thus back off Moscow, Tehran, and Beijing. A T2 ticket will once again have our friends trust us and our enemies fear us. A T2 ticket might well replace the gender indoctrinations and white guilt propaganda in our public schools with an emphasis on returning to math, English, computer literacy, civics, and student discipline. The “free exercise of religion” might soon return to our social fabric. Tucker on the ticket might just be the final personality and intellect that Trump needs to assure victory. Almost assuredly the J6 freedom fighters will be released from the D.C. Bastille. Trump and Tucker will pardon these political prisoners.

The middle class, the blue collar laborers, the working class, and the legal immigrants in our country will all blossom and flourish under T2. Senior citizens’ dollars will go further once the inflationary policies of Mr. Biden are nullified.

The military will become strong, vibrant, and victorious once again. With our military, once T2 are in office, the days of the impotent and embarrassing Afghanistan retreat will be a thing of the past. Christians, conservatives, and Constitutionalists will once again be allowed back into our military without harassment. In our economy, businesses will again operate under sound business money making practices, not D.E.I. mandates.

Under Trump-Tucker, we will again be an energy self supporting country. We will be energy independent once again. We will not have to kowtow to our enemies in Iran, Venezuela, and Russia for energy. Under T2, the price of gasoline will once again be under $2 a gallon. Our nation’s borders will become secure again under T2.

Deportations of illegals, criminals, terrorists, Hamas, child traffickers and those that wish our nation harm would begin very soon after January of 2025. Much like Ronald Reagan, Trump and Tucker know that a nation without borders; really is not a nation.

A Trump-Tucker ticket will make our country strong again. It will allow for religious freedom again. Pro-life advocates will no longer be imprisoned. And soccer moms at school board meetings will no longer be on the FBI “watchlists” like terrorists.

They will drive out some of the corruption in the Swamp.

It will however be dangerous. Both Trump and Tucker are outsiders. Many people are surprised that both Trump and Tucker have not already met untimely deaths. The evil inside of D.C. and also globally, would want to put Trump and Tucker in jail; as Stalin, Mao, and Castro did to their political opponents. Or they might want to put them in the ground, much like what happened to JFK. It will certainly make for dangerous times.

The election of 2024 will undoubtedly be one of the most crucial elections in American history. 2024 can easily be compared to 1860 or 1960 or 1980 or 2020. It will be crucial and the aftermath of this election result will carry on for decades. Donald Trump adding Tucker Carlson as his running mate will hopefully help America to still be a rising sun; and not one that is soon to set. T2 might just make the difference in America’s as well as the world’s future.

Donald Trump would be very wise, and he is, to look at Tucker Carlson as his running mate. America’s destiny might well be in the balance of that choice.

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