By Zoe Papadakis

Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone said the dismissal of a lawsuit alleging that he and the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to release hacked emails during the 2016 election is a "crushing defeat" for John Brennan and James Clapper.

The statement comes after U.S. District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle threw out a lawsuit Tuesday that alleged collusion with Russia and WikiLeaks to expose emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee, The Washington Examiner noted.

Stone has been a subject of interest to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigations and said he may be facing indictment for unspecified crimes arising from the 2016 presidential campaign.

He has repeatedly denied any involvement with Russia or WikiLeaks, the site that released Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's hacked emails in the 2016 campaign.

Last year, two DNC donors, Roy Cockrum and Eric Schoenberg, and a former DNC staffer, Scott Comer, filed the suit after Stone appeared to anticipate the release of emails stolen from the DNC and Clinton campaign during the election, the Examiner noted.

In a ruling Tuesday, Huvelle said the case would not proceed in a Washington, D.C., court.

"The Trump Campaign’s efforts to elect President Trump in D.C. are not suit-related contacts for those efforts did not involve acts taken in furtherance of the conspiracies to disseminate emails that harmed plaintiffs," said Huvelle, according to Politico.

"Campaign meetings, canvassing voters, and other regular business activities of a political campaign do not constitute activities related to the conspiracies alleged in the complaint."

The judge said the finding was not a definitive ruling but a technical one based upon legal jurisdiction.

Anti-Trump group Protect Democracy, which helped to file the suit, said it would consider refiling at a different location, The Washington Examiner said.

Stone meanwhile, released a statement noting that he was “gratified and delighted” in the ruling dismissing the “sore loser” lawsuit filed against him and the Trump campaign.

“This is not only a crushing defeat for the ivy league lawyers who abused the legal process in the filing of this action but also for the phalanx of deep state partisans who filed a misleading amicis brief with the Court,” Stone wrote.

“Among the losers are John Brennan - Obama CIA Director, James Clapper - Obama Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper - Obama Director of National Intelligence, Michael Hayden - Former NSA and IA Head Michael Morrell - Former Acting CIA Head,” he added.