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Clinton Orders CNN To Ban Me

Roger Stone and the Criminal

By Paul Joseph Watson

CNN has banned former Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone from appearing on its network after he made a number of profane tweets, but Stone asserts he has been censored at the behest of the Clintons to prevent more damaging information being revealed about Hillary.

Stone, a political consultant who frequently appears on television in support of Trump, “will no longer appear on CNN,” according to a statement obtained by Media Matters.

As the Hill reports, the decision was likely made in response to Stone calling CNN contributor Ana Navarro a “pompous shithead” and an “abusive diva” on Twitter.

However, Stone asserts that the ban was a way of silencing his strident opposition to Hillary Clinton and the revelations contained in his new book, which claims that Hillary helped intimidate Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims.

“A cable news network that folds on the demands of the Clintonistas on who and who not to interview is not an unbiased news organization,” tweeted Stone.

“The Clintons have ordered CNN not to interview me in the future because I am not PC,” he added.

Stone also suggested that him “exposing Bill Clinton’s serial rapes and Hillary’s bullying” had “gotten under the skin” of Democratic political strategist and Hillary ally David Brock.

CNN did not slap a ban on GOP consultant Rick Wilson after he suggested that Ann Coulter was a prostitute and that Donald Trump paid her for “anal”. Wilson also remarked that the GOP establishment would have to “put a bullet in Donald Trump” to stop his momentum.

Wilson is a regular guest on CNN, who labeled him “Trump’s hardcore hater” during a September 2015 appearance.

Ann Coulter pointed out the flagrant double standard.

It appears that CNN may have taken advantage of Stone’s profane tweets and used them as an excuse to get the former Trump advisor off the air because he has proven to be such an effective cheerleader for The Donald’s campaign and is causing damage to Hillary’s presidential aspirations.

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