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Cop Fired From NYPD For Being Friends With Roger Stone, Filing $25m Lawsuit

Sal Greco, a veteran police officer with 14 years of service to the NYPD was tried and fired for being a longtime friend of Roger Stone. He has no blemishes in his 14 years on the force, He did not attend the speech at the Ellipse or march on the capitol. Both remained in a hotel suite at the Willard. Yet, the city of New York fired him. He has now announced that he is suing the city of New York for $25 million dollars.

During his “trial” he was not allowed to call witnesses or to properly defend himself as defined by the US Constitution. Curiously, the new mayor of New York was in an identical situation to Mike Tyson, but he was not fired. Progressives in the NYPD went after Greco and stacked the deck in his hearing and got him fired. Greco isn’t taking it lying down. He should win. They could not find any crime he committed.

Stu London, Greco’s attorney wrote:

“To get an administrative subpoena for cell phone records you need to show criminality. So they bootstrapped on narcotics based on Kristin Davis’ eight year old conviction, and I think that’s unfair and makes it an illegal subpoena.”

Greco said this in an interview:

Despite an 15 year unblemished career of serving the people of New York as a New York City police officer in some of the most dangerous precincts in the city, I was ostensively terminated because I violated an NYPD regulation which prohibits officers from any association with a convicted felon. The NYPD has characterized my friendship with Roger Stone in this way. New York Police Department captain Eric Adams consorted, by his own admission with both Mike Tyson and Louis Farrakhan, both convicted felons and although there was an investigation, he was not terminated or punished by the NYPD in any way.

Under the law, Eric Adams and I must be treated equally, therefore I will be filing a $25 million lawsuit against the New York Police Department. This lawsuit will expose both the illegal seating of the administrative judge in my case, as well as corruption by the prosecutor in the conduct of my case.

Additionally I will be bringing lawsuits against multiple news outlets that have mischaracterized my relationship with Roger Stone. While he may be a public figure, I am not, and those who have distorted the truth will be held accountable.

The reason that the NYPD is treating me differently in this case is simply because of my support for President Donald Trump and my friendship with Roger Stone. This action against me is politically motivated and illegal. This unequal treatment will be addressed in the courts.

Go get them.

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