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Donald Trump Drops JFK Assassination Bombshell



By Harrison Carter

According to the Gateway Pundit, former President Donald Trump’s vow to release all remaining files on the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy has caused quite a stir. In a recent interview with The Messenger, Trump promised to release every single remaining file on the JFK assassination to the public if he were to be re-elected. This represents a change from his previous stance on the issue, as during his first term as President, he only released some of the JFK documents, citing identifiable national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns for the redaction of certain information.

Currently, about 4,300 JFK file records remain redacted and blacked out. Trump’s vow to release all of these files in full and unredacted has been met with excitement from some and skepticism from others. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of JFK and a Democratic presidential candidate, recently spoke about his belief that the CIA was involved in his uncle’s assassination, adding fuel to the already existing speculation and theories regarding JFK’s death.

Other theories suggest that then-Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson was involved, with political operative Roger Stone even writing a book outlining why he believed LBJ killed JFK. Once all the JFK documents are released in full and unredacted, the speculation and theories will officially come to an end. Trump has promised to give Americans the closure they have been seeking for decades.

It is unclear what information might be revealed in the unreleased files, and some have raised concerns about potential national security risks. However, Trump has not commented on any specific concerns related to the unreleased files and has stated that he will release the remaining portion very early in his term if re-elected.

While the release of the JFK files may not have a direct impact on current political affairs, it could be an important historical moment, as it could provide a more complete understanding of a pivotal event in American history. Regardless of the information that is revealed, the release of the JFK files will likely be a highly anticipated event that will capture the attention of many Americans and history enthusiasts around the world.

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