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Roger Stone Donald Trump

By Roger Stone

Clinton dirty trickster Sidney Blumenthal and Clinton crony and oligarch Viktor Pinchuk pedalled bogus charges against Paul Manafort using Ukrainian intelligence. Pinchuk gave the Clinton’s $10,000,000 to buy approval of a coup in Ukrainian against an unpopular but democratically elect Head of State. (

Blumenthal is the same thug who Hillary’s email show invented the lie that the attack on our mission in Benghazi was caused by an Anti-Islamic video shown online in Turkey. Sid was also caught trying to line his pockets in a Libyan side deal that he never disclosed to HRC when he was urging the toppling of Gaddafi Blumenthal thinks he’s Ted Sorensen but he’s Al Capone. When the Pinchuk thugs found nothing legitimate regarding Manafort’s entirely legal campaign services in three democratically held elections they simply had Ukrainian intelligence create a co-ledger with correspondence to no known financial transfer records. There is no evidence admissible in a court that Manafort took any illegal payments. The “ledger” found at some party clubhouse was most likely fabricated by the Pinchuck-owned- Ukrainian Intelligence Service.

Incredibly the august New York Times, owned by the largest single donor to the Clinton Foundation slush fund, a vehicle set up for the facilitation of multi-million dollar bribes, put this steaming pile of horseshit on page one above the fold, although the story admits that Manafort is not the subject of any investigation. Pinchuk’s minions said what they were supposed to for this hit-piece. Nothing there. A nothing burger. Manufactured “news”.

Recognizing that the mainstream media refuses to see through the baseless and unfounded charges against him, Paul Manafort, not wanting to become a distraction or feed the entire Russian-Putin-Trump canard resigned. Manafort did what Cory Lewandowski should have done when accused of manhandling a woman reporter, resigned. Manafort put the good of Donald Trump and his campaign first. That’s a real Pro.

The entire spin by the Clintonistas that Trump and Manafort are somehow in bed with Putin and the Russian’s when Trump has never met or communicated with Putin and Putin dislikes Manafort because of the latter’s pushing of Yunukovych to have Ukraine join the EU. This is the “New McCarthyism” The Clinton’s and their vassals essentially accuse Trump and Manafort of treason against their own Country when in fact it’s Bill and Hillary who have profiteered in the Ukraine as well as taking millions from oligarchs and interests aligned with Putin.

Into this breach comes my friend Stephen K. Bannon, a tough-minded street-fighter who understands the New Media, where most voters get their information on politics. Bannon also knows the deepest darkest criminality of Clinton’s revealed in both “Clinton Cash” and ‘The Clinton’s War Against Women”, both essentially excerpted by Breitbart News. I still predict a Trump victory and have written about my concerns about rigged computerized voting machines.

Donald Trump favors a period of Nixon-style detente and hard- headed negotiation with Russia that would preserve peace between our countries and allow us to work together to more effectively crush ISIS. He is not only the Law and Order candidate, he is also the Peace candidate.

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