A Candid Conversation with Kyle Seraphin: From FBI Agent to Whistleblower



In a revealing and comprehensive interview on the Roger Stone Show, Kyle Seraphin, a former FBI agent turned whistleblower, offers a detailed account of his journey within the bureau, his principled stand on issues like the COVID-19 vaccine, and the repercussions he faced for his choices.

Seraphin recounts his entry into the FBI in 2016, fueled by a desire to fulfill what he felt was his purpose on Earth. With a background as a veteran of the United States Air Force and various civilian roles, he brought a unique perspective to his FBI work in counterintelligence and specialized surveillance. However, Seraphin’s career took an unexpected turn when he raised concerns about the FBI’s intentions to investigate parents at school board meetings and his personal refusal to comply with the bureau’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

His actions led to tangible consequences, including being barred from FBI premises and eventually losing his job. Seraphin’s decision impacted his family, resulting in the loss of their home and a move to stay with his parents, highlighting the personal cost of his disclosures. Despite these challenges, he found support from figures like Cash Patel and a sense of renewed purpose in exposing further instances of what he perceives as FBI malfeasance.

Throughout the interview, Seraphin touches on the broader implications of his and others’ experiences with the FBI, delving into issues of civil liberties, the right of employees to communicate with Congress, and the tension between federal authority and individual conscience. His story sheds light on the difficulties faced by whistleblowers and the often unseen sacrifices made by those who take a stand on principle.

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