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Gateway Pundit: “Roger Stone’s Faith Is Still Strong”, Pastor Randy Coggins Gives An Update On Mrs. Roger (Nydia) Stone



The Gateway Pundit reported recently that Nydia Stone, the wife of Roger Stone was diagnosed with cancer.

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The Stones’ pastor, Randy Coggins of Raleigh North Carolina provided us an update on Nydia Stone. 

In a written statement to The Gateway Pundit, Coggins wrote:

During the two year ordeal, that Robert Mueller and his hateful and vicious colleagues put Roger Stone and his wife through, my wife and I became close to Roger and his family.

I have seen some comments in the media and on the left that have mocked Roger Stone for the reaffirmation of his faith in Jesus but I have seen firsthand that his rededication to our Lord is real and strong. It really doesn’t matter what Roger Stone’s critics think or say because all that matters is that He knows what is in Roger Stone’s heart.

I know firsthand that Rodgers reaffirmation of his faith in Jesus Christ played the central role in President Trump’s courageous decision to grant Clemency to Roger Stone based on the fundamental unfairness, corruption and bias at his DC trial before a federal judge who didn’t even bother to hide her hatred for both Roger Stone and President Donald Trump. I was in the court room and heard it myself.

In fact Roger and Nydia Stone are struggling to deal with the costs of every day living as well as the staggering costs of Nydia’s cancer treatments. Those who want to help the Stone family during this time can go to

What has surprised me the most in my friendship with Roger Stone and his wife is that the caricature of him created by the haters in the media is so incredibly inaccurate. The real Roger Stone is funny, generous, decent and with renewal of his faith, more determined than ever to preserve our constitutional liberties and a bright future for all Americans. There is more to this story that will be coming out very soon…

Even I was astonished when on November 3, 2020 the US Justice Department was forced by court order to release the last remaining redacted sections of the long hidden Mueller report in which the special prosecutor was forced to admit that there was “no factual evidence” that Roger Stone had colluded with the Russians, WikiLeaks or had any advance knowledge of acquisition or publication of John Podesta’s highly embarrassing emails, which documented the efforts to cheat in Hillary Clinton’s contest with Bernie Sanders as well as the former secretary of state’s direct involvement in various dirty tricks against candidate Donald Trump.

Needless to say the fake news media which basically executed Roger Stone for over two years as a traitor and criminal provided virtually nonexistent coverage to this astounding admission by Mueller.
Having been destroyed financially by the Mueller inquisition the stones were already struggling when Nydia Stone was diagnosed with stage four cancer recently. I was allowed to visit her in the hospital only because I am a pastor and because I went to provide spiritual comfort.

I can tell you that the Stone’s faith is still strong and that Nydia Stone is a determined, resilient woman who is prepared to fight both spiritually and medicinally against this very aggressive cancer. Her spirits are excellent as she embarks on the difficult path ahead. She asked me to thank everyone for their prayers. She can feel them. Prayers and support are coming in from across the world for Mrs. Nydia Stone.

Nothin galls me more than the recent civil suit filed against Roger’s and Nydia Stone which baselessly accuses them of hiding income and secretly living a “lavish lifestyle” — having been in their home and spent many days with them over the last couple years I can testify first hand that this is an egregious lie and I pray to the Lord that the prosecutor who made this hateful and false assertion is exposed for his dishonesty.

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