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According to Steve Dinan, it is important for writers like me to get on the “right side of history!” He believes my opposition to the Syrian War conducted by the West for regime change is misguided and that my support for President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov puts me “100%” on the wrong side.

Without going into all the details, today’s indictment of Russians over their alleged interference into the 2016 presidential election is essentially a NothingBurger that failed to implicate President Trump or anyone associated with his campaign of colluding with the Russians.

So after months of leaks and rumors and charges of Trump being Putin’s puppet, what we have is something far less serious that constitutes a major distraction from the crucial issues of war and peace at the heart of our nation’s foreign policy.

I do not trust Robert Mueller. He is deeply implicated in the Uranium One scandal, as well as covering up the 9/11 investigation.

As Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch says, it’s time to shut this operation down and move on to far more important matters including how to extricate ourselves from the Syrian quagmire that Trump has made worse after promising to not do so during the campaign. SHUT IT DOWN: Tom Fitton & Julian Assange Hail Implosion of Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative After Mueller Indictments

If Mr. Mueller and his apparently partisan staff want to continue investigating the DC swamp, I suggest they focus on the murder of Seth Rich and the theft of the Democratic nomination by Hillary Clinton. Or the Clinton Foundation scandals or Uranium One (although Mueller would have a conflict of interest with that). Or the Awan Brothers infestation of the DNC. Or Trump’s association with Felix Sater and the Russian Mafia.

Even more important would be for them to dig really far down into the Rabbit Hole and look at what really happened on 9/11, the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington that have provided a pretext for endless wars based on lies. https://stonecoldtruth.net/9-11-and-the-very-deep-state/

For those desiring to be on the “right side of history” looking at that event and its dramatic impact on our society would provide important insights into the triumph of the national security state in our times.

Instead we have had a circus of fake news and partisan accusations aimed at low-hanging fruit of peripheral individuals and groups that has served to insulate those perpetuating the criminal activities and illegal wars of the Very Deep State.

People like Dinan who backed the criminal Clinton candidacy in 2016 were hoping that Mueller would bring Trump down. That now looks highly problematic after today’s pronouncements.

History will applaud those who dedicated themselves to exposing all the corruption undermining our government and who perservered in the unheralded effort to improve our once great Republic.

It will not be easy extricating ourselves from the current mess but somehow we must carry on and seek a potentially better future.

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