HEATSTREET-Political Strategist Roger Stone Says He’s Being Kicked Out of His Apartment Over Trump Support



Roger Stone

By Emily Zanotti

Controversial political strategist Roger Stone, who worked for the Donald Trump Presidential campaign briefly before becoming an independent voice for Trump’s election, says he’s being kicked out of his apartment over his vocal support for the President-elect.

Stone took to Twitter Tuesday to say that his landlord had canceled the lease on Stone’s Upper East Side New York City apartment.


Stone, a political “dirty trickster,” who served as a top-level strategist for several Republican campaigns (and was close friends with Richard Nixon) joined the Trump effort early on, well before the primary.

He parted ways with Trump’s Presidential campaign in August after he and Trump disagreed over whether Trump should continue to publicly attack Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. But he maintains that the split was amicable and that he and Trump remain friends.

Stone keeps the apartment in NYC but his main residence is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He appears to keep his apartment in NYC partly for the entertainment value.


It seems his liberal neighbors (and landlord), who couldn’t possibly have missed Stone’s allegiances up until now, have finally had enough. It’s highly unlikely, though, that Stone will refrain from biting back.

Source: http://heatst.com/politics/political-strategist-roger-stone-says-hes-being-kicked-out-of-his-apartment-over-trump-support/

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