Our New Age of Partisan Media Warfare and Jeff Toobin



In politics, two particular professions produce the highest volume and greatest numbers of disingenuous poseurs (besides the politicians themselves) and are rife with partisans who cynically maneuver and deceptively operate, with lusty abandon I might add, on the basis of an extraordinarily-false pretense: that they are NON-partisan…neutral…disinterested.

This vanguard of self-anointed “elites” would have us all believe they levitate in the ether, high above the rest of us who dare enter the bareknuckle fray of political combat.

It is high time to unmask the seedy reality beneath their tissue-thin façade and expose these militant crypto-partisans who infest, and frankly stink up, an already overpoweringly-dank DC swamp.

It isn’t difficult, given that many are the most prominent and vocal figures from 1) the ‘news’ media – journalists, reporters, on-air ‘analysts’, hosts, commentators, etc. and 2) the legal profession – i.e. lawyers — especially government lawyers.

The worst offenders from these two fields, which already rely heavily on linguistic manipulation, deceptively trade on deeply-bogus, yet highly-insidious, presumptions of objectivity and neutrality. They confidently present their own partisan opinions and political biases as fact…as reality…as truth.

Adding injury to their manipulation, they put on quite the show (with almost-admirably brazen haught I might add) of creating a very very firm expectation that you and the rest of us mere mortals will, and indeed you MUST, buy into their ruse, lock stock and barrel…or face the consequences — such as being falsely accused of what THEY so fluidly do.

For those of us who see this underhanded masquerade for what it is (and frankly, how could one not these days) it is abundantly clear that the secret to their success is that they never EVER come clean, even offhandedly, about their true animus, their real motives, and their deep ulterior fealties to an agenda that, laid bare, would never in a million years be confused with honesty, objectivity or truth.

Their entire professional modi operandi consist, in one form or another, of dressing up political diatribe, partisan spin and adversarial advocacy as good faith objectivity and genuine truth-seeking (or telling). This stunningly-deceitful form of political subversion has been at the center of an ongoing degeneration of American politics and has bred the unprecedented distrust that most rational Americans have for the political class, led by these deviant elite phonies.

The central deceit these objectivity impostors use is to present their ideological and tribalistic pleadings as “analysis” or “expertise”, supposedly informing the unwashed masses, illuminating the benighted with the real “truth” about events and players.

Folks, the real truth is that their “truth” is nothing more than cleverly-embedded, deceptively-packaged,highly-biased SPIN.

In this landscape already teeming with self-referential, faux-heroic counterfeit truth crusaders, some of the most diabolical impostors merge both of the above professions. I am talking about the tricky lawyers who appear in media posing as reporters or ‘analysts’ or show hosts. (I am looking right at you, Ari Melber).

Much as they have beaten this dead horse into dust, it is no less a disingenuous, defamatory load of crap merely because the execrable liar and California Clown Adam Schiff has concocted a truly-demented misconstruction of a few offhanded partisan tweets I posted in the pitch of the 2016 election, and a few arms-length Twitter direct messages amounting to a grand total of 24 words, to torture from their otherwise bland meaning his breathless (and brainless) conclusion of “Russian collusion!!” via Wikileaks or the Guccifer 2.0 entity.

[If Schiff had an iota of integrity or any genuine belief in his own fantastically-phony partisan confections, he would waive the Congressional immunity he so cravenly hides behind, and face a well-founded lawsuit of my own for his constant defamation and false light smears against me over the public airwaves.]

Of course, the complete and total absence of any factual basis or any credible evidence of any kind has never stopped power-addicted left-wing control freak media mouthpieces from running to the ends of the earth and back recycling this phony scandal, as long as it accomplishes the damage they maliciously intend to inflict.

Meanwhile, the same media lynch mob can’t bend over backwards enough to suppress, misreport, explain away or otherwise defend the unparalleled corruption of the most powerful federal agencies and the criminal abuse of their most intrusive cover surveillance powers against a presidential campaign and its constituents, during and after the election, continuing to this day as a would-be coup against a duly-elected American president.

A case-in-point for such brazenly-partisan media deception is “CNN Legal Analyst” and “former federal prosecutor” (fired from that job, by the way, for unethical conduct) Jeffrey Toobin, whose serial on-air outbursts and regularly-published New Yorker editorials make him a premier example of the sort of crypto-partisan pseudo-expert journo-lawyer shill that I described above.

Just this week, as revelations come to light of a CIA-FBI spy being sent to infiltrate the Trump Campaign at the height of the election battle, adding to the laundry list of corruption, manipulation, and conflicts of interest that are the hallmark of the DOJ-FBI-Special Counsel lynch mob, Toobin commented on the state of this mess by effectively denying it even exists.

Toobin apparently thinks we should all just look the other way, as in “nothing to see here, folks…move along. The DOJ-FBI-Mueller operators are spotless saints and Trump is a guilty meddler for even attempting to question his DOJ subordinates.”

Appearing on a CNN morning show, Toobin commenced a masterfully-misleading spin job by completely-miscasting the increasing diminution of the president’s so-far enormous patience and restraint in tolerating this meandering Mueller farce and the fabricated premise behind it, as some sort of dangerous affront to American law and tradition. *harrumph harrumph*

“It is absolutely unprecedented in the last several decades of American history for a president to be supervising day-by-day an investigation of any kind in the FBI, but especially one that is of him!  He is browbeating the Justice Department into investigating an investigation of him and interfering with an investigation of him.”

This has to be one of the single most dense load of bullshit spoken on television since Barack Obama left the scene. Toobin knows better, too, which makes his utterly-perverse partisan-animated distortion of how constitutional authority and executive power are allocated in our system particularly grotesque and deceitful.

“Supervising day-by-day”?  “Browbeating the Justice Department”??  Toobin needs a refresher course in American constitutional governance, the separation of powers and the authority of the chief executive as the elected official from whom all power flows in the first place in all of the departments within the executive branch of government.

Without even reaching the duty of a chief executive to oversee his own branch departments, particularly to guard against any pocket of lawless corruption that might be operating under his auspices, the president has a duty both to faithfully execute the laws and to protect his office from any such elements he reasonably believes are operating not to enforce the law but to disrupt the presidency itself.

I don’t know where Toobin and his ilk get off with this bizarre notion they present as canon that some unelected, ad hoc, heavily-conflicted lawyer and ex-bureaucrat with deeply-partisan stains all over his apparently-unlimited (according to Toobin et al) operation is somehow divinely-empowered to avoid accountability to the chief executive himself, ESPECIALLY when said lawyer has spent over a year now simply casting about for anything he can concoct to undermine that chief executive.

I mean, seriously, let’s get real. This incredibly-disingenuous and underhanded spin coming from Toobin and his partisan compatriots has long surpassed any benefit of the doubt that their motive is ulterior and partisan: to take out a duly-elected president.

If one were gullible enough to buy Toobin’s spin-doctoring confidence game, the glaring string of disgraceful abuses of public trust and seething partisan animus that have become undeniably-apparent in the residual Obama FBI and CIA simply do not exist.

From Strzok and Page to McCabe and Comey to the Ohrs, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS to Yates and Weissman, Mueller and Rosenstein, and finally to Brennan and Obama themselves as the facilitators of all of it, pulling illegal strings everywhere possible to undermine a presidential candidate AND a sitting president – all of this abusive, illegal plotting and manipulating and subverting by supposed law enforcement agents, with one target in mind – Donald Trump – is in fact just the dutiful work of disinterested vicars of justice (not unlike Toobin himself, of course).

Toobin would seriously have the world believing that all of this one-sided mania that even casual observers can see is driven by a mania to takedown Donald Trump is just the routine work of some high, holy, pure investigation by saintly public servants trying to save the Republic.

[Seriously, Jeff, I think you have lost your mind, and certainly any legitimacy you might have had as a “legal analyst” or really anything but a flat-out partisan hack who makes the most disingenuous Clintonian power-spin seem like the Confessions of Saint Augustine.]

Asked about whether there is any basis for the president, Congressional leaders and millions of Americans to dare question or, heaven forfend, demand real scrutiny of the FBI, the DOJ and the corrupt, secretive, unaccountable partisan “Special Counsel” hit squad that deranged leftists like Toobin are worshipping as their ultimate political messiah — to deliver them from evil and vindicate their vendetta, Toobin responded with unbelievably-smug diversionary superficiality and deception, saying:

‘No, no, I mean that’s what makes this especially preposterous is that there is no credible allegation that the FBI did anything wrong here. I mean, the…this is as far as I think anyone can tell, ya know, a high profile but fairly-straightforward investigation of…uhhh…the claim that…..uhhhh….Russia was colluding with the Trump Campaign. It…the the the…the the investigation began…uhhh…in the spring of 2016 and it wasn’t until the summer that this informant was….was brought into the case. So it’s not like they decided to plant a spy inside the invehhh…in..inside the investigation…uhhh….inside the Trump Campaign because they wanted to find out stuff inside the Trump Campaign. This was an orderly investigation

Toobin reveals it all in this rambling apology…”investigation of…the claim”, he says. THE CLAIM. Not evidence or well-founded allegations…but THE CLAIM of Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign.

Sorry, Jeff, but our system of justice requires more than just a “claim” cooked up by some faceless partisan mob and a bunch of fellow-traveler talking-heads, including television “legal analysts”, to launch some massive rogue generalized inquisition into a sitting president and anyone associated with him, dragged out over years, leaving a constant cloud of suspicion while conveniently providing endless speculative fodder for smarmy television legal analysts and the like.

It is one thing to establish criminal predicates and then investigate the circumstances to discern whether the conduct or situation rises to criminality because the necessary statutory elements of a crime have been met.

It is wholly another to simply begin digging through every possible act or situation involving a particular person or group of people in order to somehow uncover anything that can, regardless of whether the acts were consistent with criminal conduct as the law intends to interdict and punish such conduct, somehow be shoehorned into the definition of a crime by stretching and torturing legal definitions or how certain conduct is interpreted or portrayed.

What the public has been fed by Toobin and other misinformation peddlers like him, whether lawyer, journalist or journalist lawyer, is neither legitimate analysis nor applied expertise honestly intended to sort through the legal realities and implications of a given situation. Not even close.

What Toobin and other partisan legal propagandists actually engage in is navel-gazing speculation and space-filling guesswork that has the sole purpose of adding yet more fodder to the noisy partisan faux-scandal generator that the mainstream media has degenerated into, cynically creating an atmosphere of suspicion rather than anything approximating legitimate reporting, much less public-minded scrutiny of public officials.

This country has long enough tolerated this bleating cacophony of disingenuous concern trolls in the media who interpose themselves as the arbiters of legal and political propriety and launch cheap attacks to undermine anyone daring call attention to and righteously decrying what this whole Russia collusion hoax Special Counsel fifth column has now proven beyond question to be and what it has been from the very beginning: an endless unbounded dragnet based on no demonstrable or even articulable criminal predicate of any kind, tainted by unalloyed partisan biases and totally-disregarded but utterly-brazen conflicts of interest.

Notwithstanding Mueller cheerleader-defender-apologists like Toobin, such an extraordinary situation as having a special counsel appointed by a top DOJ official to launch a veritable boiler room targeting operation to limitlessly investigate the president and anyone associated with him is not only highly unusual, but also highly disruptive to orderly constitutional governance and incredibly intrusive into the essence of the democratic processes by which we are popularly self-governing free citizenry.

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