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Post Pretends to Fact-Check Biden’s Tall Tales: Utterly Disappointing!


By Patriot Powered Network

The Washington Post has finally decided to “fact-check” Joe Biden’s wildly exaggerated stories, and the results are as underwhelming as expected. Biden has been on a spree of telling tall tales lately, like the time his house supposedly almost burned down. According to Biden, he almost lost his wife, his Corvette, and his cat in a blazing inferno. In reality, it was just a small kitchen fire that was quickly extinguished. But this is just one of many examples of Biden’s penchant for stretching the truth.

You would think that fact-checkers would be all over this, but unfortunately, that’s not how the liberal press works. They spent years ignoring Biden’s lies and only decided to address them in a half-hearted catch-all piece. The Washington Post, in particular, did a poor job of exposing Biden’s falsehoods. The article is filled with weak language like “evolving” and “not adding up” instead of calling out his lies for what they are. And when they do use the word “lie,” it’s only to describe accusations from others.

It’s clear that the mainstream media is giving Biden a pass while they scrutinized every word that came out of Trump’s mouth. Can you imagine if Trump had claimed to hold an in-person ceremony to award a medal to a deceased relative? The fact-checkers would have been all over it, demanding answers from the White House. But when Biden does it, they brush it off with a single paragraph.

The Washington Post’s fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, even goes so far as to offer alternative explanations for Biden’s lies. He suggests that Biden may have “mixed up” the people involved or that the stories have evolved over time. But we all know what it really is: lying. Biden is making up stories and repeating them over and over again. Yet, the fact-checkers refuse to call it what it is.

It’s clear that the mainstream media is protecting Biden and trying to downplay his dishonesty. They know that these lies will become a more significant issue during the presidential election, so they’re trying to get ahead of it. But the American people deserve better. They deserve a president who tells the truth, even if it’s not always convenient. And they deserve a media that holds that president accountable, no matter which party they belong to. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing that with Biden and the liberal press.

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