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My personal counsel and securities counsel, as well as the counsel of Maga Meme Coin, do not believe that Maga Meme Coin is a security, and thus, is not properly regulated as a security.

I have no experience or background in cryptocurrency. All of my promotions of Maga Meme Coin are sponsored. I promote Maga Meme Coin for its aesthetic, artistic nature, collectability, and the fact that it commemorates the “Make America Great Again” movement. I make no other representations beyond that and I urge those who are considering acquiring Maga Meme Coin to conduct their own due diligence.

Out of abundance of caution and in the interest of full transparency, I disclose the following:

In accordance with the Securities Act of 1933, particularly under Section 17(b), and my commitment to transparency and ethical conduct in all promotional activities, I disclose the following:

I, Roger Stone, have received financial compensation amounting to $100,000 in USDT and $75,000 in Maga Meme Coin ($TRUMP) for promoting the MAGA Meme Coin offered by Steele. This payment was made in connection with my marketing and promotional activities aimed at raising awareness and generating interest in the product.

Details of the Compensation:

Amount Received: $175,000

Source of Payment: Steele, the issuer of the Maga Meme Coin

Purpose of Payment: To promote the Maga Meme Coin on Twitter/X,

Truth Social, Rumble, and radio. The objective of Promotion:

The aim of my promotional efforts is to provide visibility and market exposure to the Maga Meme Coin. I strive to present only factual and verified information, ensuring that all promotional content is clear, honest, and not misleading.

Investment Risks:

Potential participants are urged to conduct their own due diligence and consider the inherent risks before investing in these Maga Meme Coins. The value of digital assets is highly volatile, and investing in meme coins carries financial risks, including the potential loss of investment.

No Endorsement of Investment Merits:

My promotional activities and receipt of compensation from Maga Meme Coin do not constitute an endorsement of the investment merits of the meme coins. Investors should not interpret my promotion as a recommendation to buy. Instead, it is advised that potential investors review all available information about the Maga Meme Coins and possibly consult with investment advisors.

Regulatory Compliance:

I am committed to full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring transparency in all promotional endeavors. This disclosure is intended to inform the public of my material connections with Maga Meme Coin and to uphold the integrity of my promotional activities.

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