Roger Stone Blasts Bannon After Fraud Arrest




Shortly after former White House strategist Steve Bannon was arrested on fraud charges, Roger Stone, the longtime advisor to President Trump and veteran Republican consultant, spoke to The Floridian about the arrest of his former colleague.

Federal agents took Bannon into custody aboard the $25 million yacht of a Chinese billionaire wanted by the Chinese government.

According to Stone, Steve Bannon, who testified against him, lied either at his federal trial or when he appeared before the House Intelligence Committee.

Stone contends that Bannon’s false testimony sealed his fate, helping prosecutors make the case for his conviction.

“We know definitively that Steve Bannon lied before the House Intelligence Committee under oath, or he lied at my trial under oath,” stated Stone, adding that, “ The Bible tells us that it’s a sin to gloat, so I am not gloating over this.

Steve Bannon betrayed me at trial for some reason, never made much sense, but his testimony at my trial, which I think sealed my conviction on these bogus charges was the prosecution’s hold card.”

The Fix Was In

Stone asserts that prosecutors failed to disclose the fact that Bannon was under federal investigation at the time of the trial. Bannon could have been impeached, discredited on the stand if Stone’s attorneys knew of the open investigation said Stone. This is known in legal terms as  Brady violation.

“So, why Steve Bannon lied at the behest of Mueller’s dirty cops remains a question. At the same time, there is a prosecutorial question of misconduct here. The government never disclosed to us at the time of Bannon’s testimony against me that he was under federal investigation. If you read the Bannon indictment, he was clearly under investigation just prior to the period before my trial.”

That’s a Brady violation because that information could have been used to impeach Bannon up on the stand. Just one of many examples of prosecutorial misconduct during my trial.”  

Watch the exclusive video interview with Stone.

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