Roger Stone on the Current Political Landscape: A Gritty Analysis

In a recent episode of “The Great America Show with Lou Dobbs,” veteran political strategist Roger Stone offered a stark analysis of the current political climate in the United States.

Stone, known for his forthright opinions, delved into the legal challenges faced by former President Trump, suggesting they are part of a broader strategy to undermine his political influence. He criticized what he perceives as the judicial system’s politicization, framing it as a concerted effort to silence Trump due to his disruptive impact on the status quo.

The conversation shifted to the investigation led by Special Counsel John Durham. Stone expressed frustration over the duration and outcome of the investigation, questioning why it took five years to conclude what he believed was already apparent: the absence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

As the discussion turned to the current administration, Stone speculated on President Biden’s future, doubting his ability to run for re-election given his condition and the state of national affairs. He predicted a scenario where Biden is persuaded not to run, paving the way for new Democratic leadership, possibly involving Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom.

Stone’s remarks didn’t shy away from addressing various national and international issues, including the economy, border security, the conflict in Ukraine, and tensions in the Middle East. He described these as some of the darkest times he has witnessed in America.

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