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Roger Stone Strikes Back

Normally, I wouldn’t respond to a hatchet job by Mother Jones, a fake news site whose editor is up to his keister in pushing the fake dossier searing Donald Trump financed by Team Hillary and the DNC thru disguised legal payment to a heavy duty Democrat Law Firm and culled from Russian Intelligence sources to the FBI. This fabricated document would become the only justification of the illegal use of multiple FISA warrants despite the lie by FBI Director Comey to the Congress that the FISA applications were supported by “a broad mosaic of information. The Carter Page FISA Application, while heavily redacted to hide the other warrants proves the FISA surveillance was only supported by the fake dossier.

But the sloppy knife job done by a smug young reporter Daniel Freidman in this hit piece on my independent activities to elect Donald Trump has so many false assumptions, half-truths, and bogus claims while ignoring the public record, that it must be dissected.

Friedman even truncated the on-the-record quote I gave in reaction to this piece of garbage designed to get the attention of the Special Prosecutor despite its distortions, omissions and propaganda lies.

I do this because the fake news media will re-cycle the Mother Jones fairy-tale as “fact” each one adding their own lead and a new distortion. So let’s keep score, shall we?

This elitist concoction of distortion will be debunked.

Watch it this weekend..

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