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Roger Stone on Newsmax: Trump ‘Existential Threat’ to Establishment



The crusade against former President Donald Trump continues, according to political strategist Roger Stone on Newsmax, even after special counsel John Durham’s report exposed “the single largest illegal, dirty trick in American political history.”

“It’s because Donald Trump is an existential threat to the established order because he is a force of nature,” Stone told Tuesday’s “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE.” “He’s uncontrollable. He’s an independent. He is, I think, now much, much wiser after his first highly successful term as president, so now those in the permanent government — those in the two-party duopoly that run the country — are deathly afraid of the kind of reforms that he would put in place if he returns to the White House.

“And they, like everyone else, are looking at these poll numbers that show him not only handily leading for the Republican nomination but also now handily leading incumbent President Joe Biden.”

Stone denounced the spying on Trump and the subsequent special counsel Robert Mueller investigation as exposed by the recent Durham report.

“The media tries to pretend that Durham’s report is a nothing burger: In fact, that’s not true,” Stone told host Carl Higbie. “What it is is documentation of the single largest illegal, dirty trick in American political history — in which the full authority of the U.S. government and the extraordinary intelligence capabilities of the U.S. government were used without probable cause and without rationale.”

Mueller’s special counsel investigation was ultimately expanded because its original scope would only exonerate Trump, according to Stone.

“Once Robert Mueller and his investigators determined that there was no Russian collusion, in my case, they tried to create it,” Stone said. “So I was charged specifically with lying to Congress about events that never took place.

“On Nov. 3, 2020 after my presidential pardon, only by the orders of a federal judge, was Robert Mueller forced to disgorge the final long redacted sections of his report in which he couldn’t sugarcoat the fact that he had found quote ‘no factual evidence’ of Russian collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration or any other crime on my part.

“So the whole point of my prosecution was to pressure me to testify falsely against Donald Trump and create Russian collusion. They wanted me to say that some 26 cellphone calls that I’d had with Donald Trump in 2016 pertained to either Russian collusion or WikiLeaks, and that simply wasn’t true, which is why I refused to say that.”

While the Durham report revealed the lack of predicate to spy on Trump, Stone concluded it did fall short of the bringing prosecution against the investigative abuses.

“Sadly, Mr. Durham has run out the clock, I think purposely, so the statute of limitations on Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, and the rest of these real criminals has run out,” Stone lamented to Higbie. “And therefore — sadly, you’re right, Carl — nobody will be prosecuted.”

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