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Roger Stone Predicts Trump’s 2024 Top Democrat Rival



High-profile political consultant Roger Stone discussed the potential of Michelle Obama’s presidential run in a recent interview with The Epoch Times.

“Joe Biden’s increasing unpopularity combined with the various investigations into corruption by himself, his brother, and his son, as well as his increasing erratic performance in public, may convince Democrats that he is a weak general election candidate,” Stone told The Epoch Times.

According to recent polls, despite facing several politically driven inquiries, former President Donald Trump would prevail over Biden if the election were to take place today.

“I believe that the change in the Democrat primary schedule benefits the potential candidacy of Michelle Obama. It is clear that Barack Obama continues to control the machinery of the National Democrat Party. It is also clear that South Carolina holding the first Democrat primary where a plurality of primary voters is African-American, is potentially beneficial to a Michelle Obama candidacy, as is their decision to hold their convention in her hometown of Chicago,” Stone said.

“The more Michelle Obama denies an interest publicly, the more I am convinced that she will be their candidate. She is not out doing a book tour and voter registration drives because she needs the money or the publicity.”

“The framework of the Democrat Party would only allow the party to bypass Kamala Harris for the more popular Michelle Obama, who will be an extraordinarily formidable candidate for the Democrats,” Stone asserted.

The Epoch Times reached out to Michelle Obama for comment.

According to Roger Stone, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may have the financial backing to present a viable challenge to Trump in the 2024 election due to his ability to secure funds. However, Stone raises several concerns about DeSantis as a candidate, stating:

“He’s probably the only one with the war chest to pose a plausible challenge. But I still think that he has a lot of problems as a candidate. I don’t think he’s ready. I don’t think there’s anything likable about him. You take the CNN town hall, in which I thought Trump did a very, very good job under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Ron DeSantis could never do any of that. He can’t do anything that isn’t scripted, he’s very scripted, everything is practiced, and everything’s polished, everything is scripted. So I don’t think he can perform and I think a lot of things he’s done are going to come back to bite him.

He further questioned DeSantis’s positions on Social Security, Medicaid, and the Ukrainian war. According to Stone, he is being inconsistent on these issues which could be problematic for his campaign. He predicts that not only will DeSantis lose the election, but his political career may also be permanently damaged. Stone highlights the lack of endorsements from Florida congressmen and senators, indicating a lack of support from his colleagues. Despite his criticisms, Stone acknowledges DeSantis’s right to run for the presidency but believes he will ultimately be defeated.

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