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Roger Stone Shares Letters from Hunter’s Attorneys Threatening to Sue Him for Discussing Contents on Hunter’s Laptop



By Joe Hoft

Roger Stone shared the letters sent to him threatening a lawsuit from Hunter Biden’s attorneys. Roger Stone did nothing wrong.

Stone shared the following:

OMG ! Hunter Biden’s expensive high priced lawyer is threatening to sue me for TALKING about the contents of Hunter Bidens’s Laptop on my daily show the StoneZONE at https://StoneZONE.LIVE

Two letters Hunter’s lawyer Abbe Lowell has sent me are attached (below).

Everything I know about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop I know by reading about it in the New York Post or the Report On The Biden Laptop by the Marco Polo USA Foundation

I have no knowledge or involvement in the process or series of events by which Hunter Biden’s Laptop contents became available but I have no reason to believe the information I have read online was hacked, stolen or obtained illegaly.

Speaking of defamation, Kevin Morris a lawyer/associate of Hunter Biden has made numerous assertions to reporters that I and my attorney Tyler Nixon played some illicit or illegal role in the Hunter Biden Laptop contents becoming public. I have retained copies of these communications and will countersue Morris and Hunter Biden if any frivolous lawsuit is filed against me. I would relish the opportunity to cross-examine Hunter Biden under oath about EVERY SINGLE PAGE of the Lap Top material.

I will not be silenced.

Roger Stone

You can help Roger with his legal fees for the 11 baseless civil suits raised against him here at: stonedefensefund. com


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