Independent journalist Millie Weaver has produced a stunning new documentary film called “ShadowGate”, which was released Friday and has since been suppressed all over the world wide web. Millie Weaver was a colleague of mine at Infowars where I did a daily show with Owen Shroyer a courageous young journalist who still owes me the steak I won in a 2016 election bet. I always had a high regard for Millie Weaver and always found her reporting for InfoWars incisive.

Ms. Weaver’s film details past, and still ongoing, criminal abuses of power being committed by officials, politicians and political operatives allied with or part of the Obama-Clinton-Biden Democrat political racketeering syndicate. This is a story that needs to be told.

The film connects the dots and names the names of Obama administration officials who have effectively embedded themselves into the most sensitive military and intelligence activities, entities and networks that exist within, or are otherwise funded by America’s taxpaying citizens, with former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency at the center of the manipulations and scheming.

I believe Ms. Weaver has exposed how these criminal officials and their political cohorts have managed to engage (so far with impunity) in the persistent systematic subversion of every principle or practice intrinsic to the existence of a constitutional republic of self-governing free people.

Her film paints a deeply disturbing reality of a nation not governed by an accountable federal government controlled by elected representatives, but rather one ruled by a brazen, barely-cloaked junta of shadowy self-dealing spooks willing to manipulate every bit of public resource at their disposal to enrich themselves, advance their self-serving political agendas or careers and ruthlessly destroy anyone who stands in their way, while demolishing the rule of law, essential justice and democracy itself in the process.

These partisan criminal operators exposed in Ms. Weaver’s documentary, who masquerade as taxpayer-funded intelligence contractors and information systems providers or consultants, purportedly working in service to our national security interests, are of an ilk with whom I have not, and would never, associate. Hardball politics is one thing, but what Ms. Weaver lays out are the acts of seditious criminals and traitors to this nation and our Constitution.

The documentary is particularly effective when it outlines the program used to select the jury pool in my January 2020 Soviet-style show trial on essentially fabricated charges of lying to Congress when the incredibly invasive investigation into every aspect of my life failed to find any evidence of Russian collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration or any other crime. The Deep State sought to destroy my life, my family and my reputation because I would not betray President Trump and bear false witness against him

As such, I was flabbergasted to find that I was named in the film and loosely implicated
somehow in certain claims the film advances which are categorically false.

I do not know and have never had any interaction with Gen. James Jones or any of the other principals of these mass surveillance and data collection schemes being exploited for partisan and political purposes against our president and his allies, of whom I am unquestionably one of the most vigorous and longest standing.

I have never owned any equity or been retained by any surveillance technology company and, specifically, I have never even heard of, much less had any involvement in, a company called Dynology. If this company had, in fact, made a proposal to Donald Trump or the Trump Campaign I was not aware of it.

While I appreciate the patriotism and courage of one of the film’s whistleblowers, Patrick Bergy, his claims that I admitted some sort of relationship with General Jones, or any other persons or companies connected with the activities he and another whistleblower detail in the film, are simply incorrect and mistaken. Mr. Bergy attended several public events which I also attended or was featured in, and I certainly recall speaking with him but never did I state that I was in any surveillance technology business with General James Jones, Paul Manafort or anyone else.

Whatever he interpreted or extrapolated from the conversations we had which lead him to reach these conclusions is simply 100% in error.

I can only speak for myself and I have no idea what Paul Manafort or Rick Davis may or may not have done in any of their activities, in business or politics. They both had a close relationship with Sen. John McCain who I was and am a strong critic of and never trusted. In fact, I was working a book exposing the real John McCain at the time of my Gestapo-style arrest by 29 heavily armed FBI agents in January of 2019. I have not worked with either man in over 30 years and even the interactions I had with Paul Manafort in the 2016 election pertained to our mutual goal of defeating Hillary Clinton and electing Donald Trump. We have both paid a very high price for these efforts.

I will resume work on my book expose of John McCain after I memorialize the events of the last 18 months in my next book since I was gagged during this period and people need to learn much about the tactics and motives of the Mueller Witch Hunt.

The involvement of Cambridge Analytica in the Trump Campaign in 2016 was engineered by Steve Bannon and occurred long after I had left the organization in August of 2015. I know nothing about it other than what I have read in the media.

Any implication, allegation or claim that I am somehow an operative for the Deep State is
patently ludicrous. The unrelenting effort over nearly three years to utterly destroy me, ruin my life and ultimately imprison me in a federal penitentiary by the very people that this film both exposes and then seems to imply I am associated makes clear why this claim is absolutely false, to the point of fantasy. My authorship of The Man Who Killed Kennedy-the Case Against LBJ, a New York Times Best Seller, the Bush Crime Family, and the Clintons’ War on Women as well as Nixon’s Secrets, an expose of the Deep State operation to take down President Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal serve as my anti-Deep State bona fides. Signed copies of these classics can be purchased here.

For decades, I have opposed the types of intrusive, unconstitutional powers that have been created and abused by these criminals, who have turned them into covert tools of political intrigue, illicit weapons of partisan warfare against their adversaries (of which I am decidedly one) and nefarious means to wield power and control over the American citizenry that should not, and was never meant to, exist. The expansion and abuse of intrusive, illegal blanket mass surveillance and the collection of the most personal, intimate details and data of every American citizen is the single greatest threat to American liberty that this nation has ever seen.

I hope Ms. Weaver will work to correct the erroneous statements or implications about me in anotherwise important and compelling film. If the world we live in were not subject to the constant manipulations and corrosive ambition of megalomaniacs like the ones her film exposes, Ms. Weaver would be up for a Pulitzer prize for her film.

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