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Swamp Stink Special: A Rubin Sandwich, Covered In Schiff

Well, another Trump-Russia collusion hoax-peddler from another leftist media rag is out with another specious, conclusory attempt to reinforce yet another bunch of Schiff floated downstream by House Intelligence Committee Democrats in the form of a 10-page “rebuttal” memo replete with all kinds of clever stories and, as expected, absolutely ZERO evidence to support anything in the Democrats’ ceaseless carousel of phony allegations against the president and his 2016 campaign.

This time the designated Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theorist is an actual creature of the Beltway Swamp, where democracy goes to be thwarted by “Democrats.” But to call the duplicitous Trump-deranged neo-liberal Washington Post warmongress-in-chief Jennifer Rubin a ‘conspiracy theorist’ would be a terrible insult to that moniker, even as a CIA-invented pejorative.

roger stone

After reading Rubin’s flimsy attempt bolster the Democrats’ Schiffy, heavily-redacted memo the term conspiracy fantasist is far more fitting. Rubin’s brand of conspiracy-peddling follows the modus operandi of the Clinton spinmeisters who manufacture intrigue and fabricate complexities to cleverly, if cynically, insinuate their seething ulterior animus into the public discourse surrounding any controversial issue or contentious question.

Rubin is one of the phoniest of all phony fake news poseurs who would never be accused of trying to inform or explain or illuminate. Quite to the contrary, Rubin’s raison d’etre is to disinform, confuse and obfuscate, so she can capitalize as thoroughly as possible at every turn (including every “Right Turn”) on the rotten fruits of her underhanded literary machinations.

Just like that of her fellow travelers in the fascist left’s pseudo-intelligentsia, Rubin’s aggressive casuistry is conscious and purposeful, serving as both a tactic and a tool.

Create confusion, exploit confusion. Divert and distract from the simple, obvious truth of the matter by concocting complicated, convoluted conspiracy claims that conveniently dovetail with ulterior partisan and ideological motives, while providing cheap cover for more deception, disinformation and defamation.

Rubin’s cursory memo on the Memo is weak sauce, rich with irony coming from someone whose entire political identity is itself a cynical fraud. Rubin’s Washington Compost blog is laughably called “Right Turn” and purports to offer “reported opinion from a conservative perspective.” Rubin’s “conservative perspective” is on par with Sasquatch. We’ve all heard that Bigfoot exists, but who among has every actually seen one?

Prior to her arrival to the Swamp with her carpetbag full of authoritarian statist bromides, ready to launch her illustrious career as a shrill militarist described as “conservative” by everyone except, you know, actual conservatives, Rubin was a failed left coast “labor and employment” lawyer who followed seven years of indoctrination at U.C. Berkeley (undergraduate and law school) with a 20 year stint in L.A. shilling for Big Corporate Hollywood.

This is not to say that someone with a “conservative” pedigree on par with Jane Fonda’s is incapable of being cured of her leftist lunacy. Yes, miracles happen. But it has been more than a decade of (actual) conservatives’ having to suffer false association with Rubin’s dubious opinion columns that one of her WaPo colleagues described as “at best … political pornography” before suggesting Rubin be canned “not because she’s conservative, but because she’s just plain bad.” Given that Rubin is actively in bed with the worst of the worst of far-left Democrat deceivers, it is long past time for Rubin and her Bezos Post puppetmasters to finally drop this offensive charade and cease and desist from any further false claims that Rubin is anything remotely resembling a conservative.

Like David Brooks and Bill Kristol, Rubin is a darling of the leftist media establishment because as a counterfeit conservative she serves the function of either embarrassing conservatives with her strident warmongering or teeing up the opportunity for her leftist cronies to mischaracterize real conservatives as somehow extreme or unreasonable when compared to Rubin’s much more acceptable-to-leftists (i.e. counterfeit) rendition of conservatism. All the better if Rubin simply goes on the attack against real conservatives, as suits her fancy.

The WaPo and its crony fascist hierarchy, like all left-bent corporate media, likes their conservatives like they like their news: FAKE. Unfortunately for Rubin and the continued viability of her long standing ruse as an impostor conservative, her compulsion to attack those not aligned with her big government proclivities and global interventionist militarism has escalated into an unhinged obsession as it concerns anything and everything Trump.

Consistent with her enamor for Mitt Romney, Rubin is an evangelical never-Trumper whose seething hatred for our president…for HER president…is so intense in both word and deed that she is now effectively-indistinguishable from the worst of the unhinged Democrats in Congress.

In other words, Rubin has finally become her true self, showing her true colors as a disingenuous quisling that neither leftists nor conservatives can credibly suggest is an actual conservative.

So it is just another bonus benefit of the Donald Trump presidency that his mere existence in that office has forced the permanent, involuntary unmasking of a longtime ideological grifter who has consistently been a willing tool of the most ardent enemies of all things conservative.

Returning to the Democrats’ ‘much memo about nothing’ with all its Schiffty hedges and dodges and hair-splitting sophistry, it is quite clear that Rubin’s attempt to declare victory, and somehow breathe life back into the same discredited narrative the Democrat distractionists have been pushing since the summer of 2016, is not a sign of its strength, but its weakness.

Were the memo anything close to as persuasive or dispositive as the Schiff wagon has been busy for the last 48 hours clattering around the Hill to proclaim, certainly Ms. Rubin would not have saw any need to spend her Saturday cobbling together such a sloppy, wishful declaration of its success as a Democrat counterpunch.

Without getting into Rubin’s cherry-picking around the memo’s rather-scatterbrained contents to prop up the steaming pile of Schiff that it is, I will simply address Rubin’s deceitful attempt to bring me into her fantasy narrative. Specifically Rubin wrote:

The memo also states that “Russian agents previewed their hack and dissemination of stolen emails.” Was this a heads-up to Roger Stone? If they were previewing the email release to anyone associated with the Trump campaign, that surely constitutes collusion by anyone’s definition.

Rubin really shows her smarmy leftist lawyer-liar chops with this little cherry-picked tidbit. The actual memo section from which Rubin lifts this single sentence about Russians “previewing their hack and dissemination of stolen emails” is as follows:

Now, I can certainly concede that this memo contains a good bit of language and syntax that are exactly what one would expect from a bunch of sleazy partisan lawyers on a mission to manipulate and obfuscate details with confused or confusing phrases and sentence construction. I must admit, even a Berkeley-trained lawyer who worked for Harvey Weinstein’s cronies for 20 years would, as I did, ask themselves what the hell that sentence even means, specifically.

Rubin, of course, like a good leftist ambulance-chaser, is not one to let the sloppy, Schiffty drafting by her fellow lawyer scum stand in the way of using it in just as deceitfully as it was intended to be. There is NOTHING in that sentence or paragraph that makes it anything but unclear as to what is even meant by “previewing”, nor how one can preview a “hack and dissemination”, versus previewing documents themselves.

Nor do I understand at all what Miss Rubin means by her own sloppy, inarticulate drafting of her comment: “was this a heads-up to Roger Stone?”

What exactly the hell do you mean, Jenny?? A heads-up? From whom? To whom? How?? Please feel free to email me to let me know what exactly you are suggesting.

In the meantime, permit me to set your confused fake news brain right on this question. I will repeat what I have stated verbally and in print, repeatedly, over and over and over, including under oath before your soul-sister Schiff and the entire House Intelligence Committee: I have NEVER had any contacts with any Russians in any way whatsoever having anything to do with my work for the Trump Campaign or any campaign or any business or professional or even personal undertaking, EVER.

I did not have and have never had access to, or possession of, any leaked materials, hacked or otherwise, from any source, by any means other than what has been published openly on the interent, i.e. any view I had of any materials of any kind from any source by any means was from the same place that anyone else in the general public would find and access them on the internet.

No Russian intelligence “preview”, no “heads-up”, no Russian collusion, nothing that would ever validate or even come close to resembling your demented defamatory delusions. Period.

You have now been warned that your fake navel-gazing comment, and any other like it, suggesting or speculating or wondering aloud in a manner that casts me in a false light and attempts to imply that I participated in any activities with any Russians for any reason, is purposefully-defamatory and flat-out deceitful.

Kindly cease and desist and, if at all possible, please consider going back to where you most belong: chained to a desk in the bowels of some degenerate Hollywood sweat shop for 3rd-rate lawyers…

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