The FBI and the Ridiculous Show of Force Arresting Stone




Certain folks are allowed to turn themselves into the police rather than being arrested publicly.

Often, police or the FBI will contact the lawyers of white-collar suspects and give a deadline for the lawyer’s client to come into the offices to turn themselves in or else a warrant would be issued. It saves manpower for the law enforcement agency.

A few days ago, Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI under orders from Robert Mueller.

On Stone’s street just happened to be a CNN news team who just happened to select that very day to stake out Stone’s house. After only 30 minutes, the FBI arrived with almost 30 men armed with automatic weapons, tear gas, and other protective gear to arrest an unarmed 60-plus year old man.

The FBI stated they came so heavily armed because Roger Stone was a serious threat to them.

So serious was that threat to life and limb of those FBI agents that they never asked or ordered the CNN news folks to vacate the street prior to the arrest. When asked about the commando style raid on the Stone house the FBI stated that they were worried that Stone would destroy any evidence.

They had to show great force to make the arrest. I trust the agents of the FBI and have great respect for the in-the-field FBI agents.

I have zero respect for the leadership of the FBI in Washington. ZERO!

This raid was done in the fashion it was done to intimidate every other person the Mueller team wants to target. The special counsel was to investigate any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians – period. What we have learned since Robby Mook first suggested this on the night Hillary lost was that the Clinton campaign paid for opposition research that created a dossier using lies that were later used to get a FISA court warrant to allow certain investigations and searches without the FISA Court knowing that Hillary had paid for the dossier which contained the lies but were being cited in the press which the FBI stated was enough support to warrant an investigation.

The Mueller team includes folks who openly hate Trump, openly supported Hillary, had spouses working for the organization developing the dossier, leaked information to Fusion One (people developing the dossier) leaking to the press (James Comey) lying to Congress (Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Strzok, et al) as well as expanding their investigation to such a wide area that doesn’t even deal with the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

There is zero evidence of any collusion between the Russians and Trump.

There is a great deal of evidence that shows Hillary’s campaign and the Russians were responsible for the dossier’s false narrative and the mischief of the social media. Mueller likes the money and the power being the most unaccountable person in the nation with unlimited power to destroy lives of folks who won’t turn on the president.

Back to the unreasonable method of arrest for unarmed 60 plus year old man who is charged only with telling lies to Congress. Since that warranted such a display of an armed response by the FBI I look forward to the day when Hillary, Clapper, Brennan, Strzok, Paige, and Comey who all have lied before the Congess are arrested and cuffed and hauled from their respective homes. Before doing so I hope the FBI will dial 212-301-3000 so that Fox News can cover the event. They apparently have CNN’s number. They deserve the same treatment Roger Stone was afforded. Cuff ‘em!

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