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The GOP’s Grave Mistake: Elevating Tom Emmer to Speaker

The GOP's Grave Mistake: Elevating Tom Emmer to Speaker

By Roger Stone

In the hallowed halls of Congress, the Republican Party has made a decision that may well come back to haunt them. In a move that seems to prioritize internal cohesion over the principles that conservatives hold dear, the
GOP has chosen Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) as their Speaker candidate. This decision is not just questionable; it’s a glaring testament to the party’s drift from its core values.

Tom Emmer’s past is riddled with decisions that are at odds with conservative ideals. While he may have once stood beside former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, his track record paints a picture of a man more in line with big business and liberal agendas than with the heartland of America. His inconsistent loyalty to former President Donald Trump, especially his vote to certify the 2020 election results and his support for aid to Ukraine, raises eyebrows. Is Emmer truly a conservative, or is he just another creature of the Washington swamp, changing his colors when it suits him?

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of Emmer’s political career is his association with the National Popular Vote Initiative. This initiative, which seeks to dismantle the time-honored Electoral College system, is a direct threat to the principles conservatives cherish. The Electoral College ensures that every state, regardless of size, has a voice. Emmer’s support for this initiative, which would give urban areas undue influence over national elections, is a slap in the face to rural America.

Even more concerning is Emmer’s deep involvement with this initiative. He wasn’t just a passive supporter; he actively championed it. And who funded this initiative? None other than liberal stalwarts like the Open Society Foundations, linked to the notorious George Soros. Emmer’s indirect ties to Soros, a figure anathema to conservative values, are deeply troubling.

Emmer’s financial ties further muddy the waters. His connections to Wall Street giants, tech behemoths, and the pharmaceutical industry raise serious questions about his ability to represent the American people impartially. Can we trust a Speaker who is so deeply entrenched with corporate interests to put the needs of the average American first?

Furthermore, Emmer’s political donations paint a picture of a man more in sync with establishment politics than with the grassroots conservative movement. His support for Republicans who voted to impeach Trump and his ties to Mitt Romney’s PAC are clear indicators of his establishment leanings.

Even his acceptance of donations from labor unions, traditionally Democratic allies, is perplexing. While some may argue this shows bipartisan appeal, conservatives must ask: where does Emmer truly stand on workers rights and union policies?

The role of the Speaker is to lead, to represent the best interests of the American people. But with Emmer’s extensive ties to corporate America and his questionable political decisions, one must wonder: is he the right choice for conservatives?

The GOP’s decision to elevate Tom Emmer to Speaker is a misstep that may cost them dearly. The American people deserve representatives who prioritize their interests over those of big business and liberal agendas. The GOP must remember its roots and the principles it stands for. Anything less is a disservice to the very people they pledge to represent.

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