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By Perry Hooper Jr. for The Alabama Gazette

If you are a non-believer and need proof that the Biden administration is engaged in what can only be described as a blatant, orchestrated witch hunt against Donald Trump, look no further than the recent revelations about the FBI’s staging of photographs of classified documents. This is not just political theater; it is an absolute travesty of justice.

The story, as reported by Julie Kelley and others, unfolds like a poorly scripted play. The FBI, directed by those in the highest levels of the Biden administration, raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in August 2022. When they seized boxes of documents, they had the audacity to release a photo of supposedly incriminating documents. These documents had been themselves manipulated to appear as classified material in folders blaring “Top Secret.” This whole saga is currently under investigation by Congress led by Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee.

Think about the implications here. This was not a simple oversight or a minor error in judgment. No. This was a calculated move designed to mislead the public and tar a former president with the brush of criminality. The FBI did not just cross a line, they obliterated it.

The audacity of the Department of Justice, under the supposedly impartial guidance of Attorney General Merrick Garland, to authorize this raid and then use a doctored photo to justify their actions is beyond the pale. It reeks of desperation and deceit aimed solely at diverting attention from the administration’s own failures and directing it toward their bogeyman: Donald Trump.

Let us set the record straight: The agents involved did not just stumble upon these documents, they orchestrated a scenario where these documents would appear far more damning than they were. It is a classic case of deception, a tactic perhaps expected in a banana republic, but not in the United States of America. They have admitted to purposely inserting cover sheets labeled top secret, photographing them and releasing them for the world to see.

What is worse, this sham has spilled into the courts. New filings reveal that there was a significant misrepresentation about how these documents were handled and presented. This is not just about mishandling evidence, it is about an outright fabrication, a lie sold to the American people and to the judicial system itself.

This debacle should alarm every single American regardless of political affiliation. The FBI, under the direction of the Biden administration, has shown a willingness to bend the rules to their breaking point, all to take down a political opponent.

Perry O. Hooper Jr. is former State Representative, a member of the Alabama Republican Executive Committee, and the 2016 Trump Victory Chair.

All opinion pieces in the Alabama Gazette are the opinions of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Alabama Gazette publishers or staff.

This is not justice, it is political persecution.

They placed these covers on seized documents to create a dramatic photo op, presenting a staged image to suggest that Donald Trump had been storing extremely sensitive material in his personal office. Furthermore, in court, these same agents provided misleading statements under oath, falsely asserting that the classified cover sheets were originally found among Trump’s possessions.

Their manipulation of the evidence and willingness to mislead the Court underscores a deliberate attempt to deceive the public and bolster the perception of criminality around Trump’s handling of documents. The Judge now has delayed the trial while she sorts everything out.

And for what? To sway public opinion right before an election? To distract us from the genuine issues that plague our nation under Biden’s watch. This staged photo and the entire raid on Mar-a-Lago confirms a dangerous shift in our political landscape where those in power believe they can manipulate the truth to serve their ends.

The implications of this are chilling. Today, it is Donald Trump. Tomorrow, it could be anyone who dares to challenge the status quo. We must not stand by and watch this farce play out. It is time to demand accountability and transparency from our government to ensure that such egregious abuses of power are never repeated.

This is not about defending Trump, it is about defending the very principles upon which our country was built. If we allow these deceitful tactics to go unchecked, we are setting a precedent that threatens the fabric of our democracy. It is time to speak out and put an end to this political charade masquerading as legal prosecution. The Biden administration must answer for this, and they must do it now.

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