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It’s heartwarming to see and hear so many Democrats offer their support for Christine Blasey Ford. To their credit, they stand unified in their judgment that Ford is to be believed. Members of the Senate are also demanding that Ford be believed. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), member of the Senate Judiciary Committee was on CBS This Morning making her case that Ford is credible because she has nothing to gain by coming forward with accusations of Kavanaugh’s sexual advances almost 40 years ago. Ford might not have anything to gain, but her party certainly has. Harris added that she thought that the FBI should be compelled to investigate Kavanaugh’s background. She may have forgotten that the FBI has investigated Judge Kavanaugh’s background a total of six times. I’m not against re-opening an investigation to deal with the four accusations made against Kavanaugh specifically, but this is the same FBI that has mounted a clear campaign to undermine the president by any means necessary. I’m not sure how non-partisan and impartial they would be.

Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii has also spoken out in support of Ford. “Not only do women like Dr. Ford, who bravely comes forward, need to be heard, but the need to be believed” she insisted. “Men need to shut up and do the right thing.” Hirono has as with many Democrats made up her mind, and the presumption of guilt is the new liberal operational standard. It’s interesting to note that although Hirono poses as a “brave feminist cultural warrior” it was a different story in 1992 when Hawaii Senator Dan Inouye was accused of sexual assault. At the time Hirono was in her 12th year in the Hawaii House of Representatives, and although the accuser, his hairdresser Lenore Kwock, was very credible, Mazie Hirono remained silent. She did not come to the defense of Kwock. She did not speak out about how victims must be believed and her claim that she has been a “fighter” for women victim’s rights all her life is clearly not true. Even though nine additional women came forward detailing similar accounts of sexual misconduct by Inouye, Mazie Hirono did not “do the right thing.”

Believing women when it’s politically useful isn’t the same as believing women. The greater injustice is in using women as political weapons.

Kathleen Willey, one of many women that came forward revealing Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment, expressed bitterness that liberals and feminists did not believe her. “They’re hypocrites,” she said. . The View’s Joy Behar called Clinton’s accusers “tramps.”

Paula Jones, another victim of Clinton’s sexual advances, said that liberals “made fun of me. They didn’t believe me. They thought I was making it up.” Karen Monahan came forward last month and accused Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison of a domestic violence attack. “I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party. I provided medical records from 2017, I told them about the abuse and who did it.” Monahan said that Democrats don’t believe her story and threatened to isolate her over the allegations.

There are standards of law that are the very core that make America the greatest country in the world. These standards of the criminal justice system have no allegiance to any party, democrat or republican, liberal or conservative. They deal with fundamental rights for both accuser/victim and the accused. They are a due process which requires equal protection under the law for both victims and accused, the accused has the right to a trial by an impartial jury, the right to remain silent, the right to confront the accuser and to cross-examine. The burden of proof in all criminal cases is on the accuser and beyond a reasonable doubt.

To believe or not to believe is not the question and certainly not the answer. It’s a simple issue of the rights of the victim and the accused. To waiver from our well-established rules is to embark on a journey where citizens cannot protect themselves from accusations. It changes the idea of innocent until proven guilty to guilty until proven otherwise. For anyone to use women who have come forward with accusations of sexual abuse as a political weapon is perpetrating the very conditions that enabled them to be abused in the first place.

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