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By Troy Smith for Slingshot News

Controversial political operative Roger Stone, who has been a 45+ year friend and confidant of former President Donald Trump, delivered a speech on Thursday evening in Boynton Beach, Florida.

The flamboyant and controversial Stone, among the first Republicans in the Country to urge Donald Trump to seek the Presidency, and who the New York Times calls his longest serving political advisor, spoke as the invited guest of the Valencia Reserve Conservative Club. Valencia Reserve is a gated community in Palm Beach County. The community boasts over 1,000 homes.

Slingshot News’ sources have been told that over 195 people bought tickets to the speech, with another 75 being turned away due to crowd size limits implemented through the demands of a dissenting faction of the Valencia Reserve Home Owner’s Association.

The longtime advisor to Donald Trump has been making an increasing amount of public appearances and speeches in support of the former President as the 2024 Election rapidly approaches.

Stone Speech Sparks Outrage

Prior to Stone’s remarks, over 100 members of the Valencia Reserve Home Owner’s Association demanded in a formal protest that Stone’s speech be cancelled.

38 members of the Home Owner’s Association demanded that Stone’s remarks, which were delivered to an audience that paid to see him speak, be simultaneously broadcasted on Zoom.

“The fact that some people wanted to cancel this meeting shows you who the true enemies of free speech are,” said Stone, “these people would destroy free speech in order to ‘preserve democracy.’”

Among the ways Stone currently makes his living doing paid speaking engagements, and for that reason, told Slingshot News that he and his supporters fought the attempts to broadcast the remarks on Zoom for free.

Stone also hosts a daily web-based show called the StoneZONE, as well as a weekly radio show at WABC.

After negotiations between board members of the Home Owner’s Association and board members of the Conservative club, an agreement was reached that the event, hosted by the Conservative club, which is a recognized club of the Home Owner’s Association, could proceed if the club agreed to cap attendance at the number of tickets sold at that time, 195.

Club Chairman Bill East said 75 other citizens wanted to attend, but had to be turned away. The club was also required to pay the cost of three Palm Beach County deputy Sheriff’s officers for security.

In addition to these conditions, those who wanted to protest Stone’s speech were limited to a designated area.

Avoiding The Fray

Sources told that Stone and the protestors never came face-to-face. Stone entered and exited the clubhouse through a rear entrance that went through the kitchen.

“This is where they got Bobby Kennedy, you know?” quipped Stone, our source said.

When time came for Stone to deliver his remarks, a small group of a few dozen protestors arrived early to the event, showing their displeasure with the fact that the controversial political operative had been booked to speak despite attempts to stop the event.

“Stone represents a vile ‘win at any cost’ brand of politics,” protestor Sadie Goldberg told a reporter “He’s one of those MAGA Republicans,” she said.

Stone, who has been no stranger to controversy throughout his career, has recently been a recurring topic on MSNBC, CNN, and other mainstream media outlets.

The controversial political operative was convicted on 7 counts stemming from the Mueller Investigation. All of them process crimes.

Stone later had these charges commuted after receiving a full Presidential pardon from President Donald Trump on December 23rd, 2020.

Stone’s alleged connection to Russia, as well as Wikileaks, along with the Trump campaign’s alleged connection to Russia or Wikileaks, was eventually discredited by the release of the unredacted version of the Mueller report.

Buzzfeed, who actually filed the successful lawsuit which required that the department of justice release Mueller’s full unredacted report, reported that Stone was “vindicated” in the disclosure.

Mueller concluded that he had no proof that Stone had engaged in either Russian collusion or collaboration with Wikileaks, and concluded that even if he had found evidence of Stone collaborating with Wikileaks, it would not have been illegal.

Mueller also concluded that the claims made by right-wing gadfly Jerome Corsi, that Stone had contacted him the morning NBC News broke the famous Billy Bush Access Hollywood tape in which Trump said that he can grab women by the p*, and that Stone had contacted Corsi in order to urge him to contact Julian Assange and tell Assange to expedite the release of the Hillary Clinton emails, which could not be corroborated with the Democratic National Committee.

Stone has always vehemently denied having asked Corsi to do any such thing and today he says that he “knew Corsi had no contact with Assange and no intermediate with Assange and that most of his prognostications about what Assange had, or was going to do, were fictionalized.”

Assange, as it turns out, did begin releasing authentic and damaging emails regarding Hillary Clinton and the Democrats within days.

Protestors Gather Outside of Stone’s Boyton Beach Speech

Stone’s critics were out in full force on Thursday evening. The controversial political operative posted several photos of the protestors joking with the demonstrators and citing his respect for their right to protest.

Stone seemed lighthearted about the protests against him. In a post to his X feed which included the photos of the demonstrators, Stone captioned the post by saying, “Demonstrators peaceful protesting my speech to the Conservative Club of Valencia Reserve in Boynton Beach Fla.- the average age was deceased.#FugDaLeft”

During his remarks in Boynton Beach, Stone castigated the current New York city based prosecution of the former President by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.


Stone noted that the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York had investigated the alleged hush money payments made by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and identified no crime. The Federal Election Commission also conducted an investigation of the allegations against Trump and also identified no violation of law.

Stone noted that Judge Juan Merchan who is presiding over the New York trial, has prohibited Trump’s lawyers from informing the jury that Trump has already been absolved twice regarding these alleged hush money payments to adult movie star Stormy Daniels by Michael Cohen.

Stone noted that like Trump he had also been unconstitutionally gagged by a federal judge in his case. The Judge, Amy Berman Jackson, even extended the gag order to Stone’s immediate family, an aspect that was later overturned by the D.C. Appeals Court.

“Donald Trump is the presumptive republican nominee for President against Joe Biden. The constitution holds that political speech is particularly constitutionally protected. A New York State Judge taking his voice is an unconstitutional outrage,” said the veteran Republican strategist and New York Times bestselling author of a book that alleges that Vice President Lyndon Baynes Johnson plotted with the intelligence agencies, organized crime, and big Texas oil interests to murder President John F. Kennedy.

“In my case the Jury forewoman Tomeka Hart, who had run for Congress as a Democrat in Tennessee, insisted during jury selection and the trial that she hadn’t followed my case and only vaguely knew who I was. Only later would we learn that she had attacked both Trump and I by name on Twitter and Facebook throughout 2019, and had those posts on a private setting,” said the Connecticut native who now lives in South Florida.

Stone noted that both he and Trump had motioned for a change of venue, recognizing that getting a non-Democrat jury in D.C. or Manhattan is mathematically impossible. Both their motions were denied.

“Keith Davidson, who was an attorney representing Stormy Daniels, and who negotiated the settlement with Michael Cohen was arrested in an FBI sting set up to catch a ring trying to extort Hulk Hogan over a sex tape,” said Stone. “Davidson avoided prosecution in that case and gave the Feds Michael Cohen. How strange that Trump’s lawyers didn’t ask Davidson if he had traded non-prosecution for his testimony,” Stone told Slingshot News.

The veteran campaign strategist, who cut his teeth with Richard Nixon, worked on three Presidential campaigns for Ronald Reagan and was the godfather of the early efforts to draft Donald Trump for President said he believes that Trump could win this coming November despite the rash of what he called “politically motivated prosecutions,” by partisan prosecutors.

Stone flashed his now-signature V for victory sign at the end of his oration for which he received a standing ovation. There were no reported incidences of violence or problems with protestors as Stone exited the same way he came.

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