Trump Exposes Jeb Bush Plans to Attempt Convention Coup​



Tired Jeb Bush

The Hill has reported “Donald Trump on Saturday accused Jeb Bush of mounting a convention coup against him, after reports that Republican delegates who don’t personally support Trump are looking for ways to avoid voting for him this summer.

By the way, Jeb is working on the movement, just so you understand,” Trump said to supporters at a rally in Las Vegas.

“Jeb is one of the people that’s working — ” he said, though he didn’t elaborate further.

“Jeb is indeed behind an attempt to adopt a new ‘conscience’ rule that would have the effect of unbinding the delegates pledged to Trump on the basis of his victories in the primaries and caucuses” said Roger Stone, longtime Trump associate and New York Times Bestselling Author.

That Jeb is secretly maneuvering to steal the nomination from Donald Trump will come as no surprise to those who have read JEB AND THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY, the expose that is so much more then the reason Jebbie crashed and burned.

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