US Cannabis Coalition Founder Gives Impassioned Speech In LA



Roger Stone, a longtime advisor and close personal friend of President Donald Trump, is fighting for sensible drug reform.


Appearing before a packed room of dozens of marijuana activists in Los Angeles, Roger Stone called for a bi-partisan push for marijuana reform in the United States.

The speech was hosted by the United States Cannabis Coalition, a whose advisory board features HBO’s Bill Maher, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Democrat mega-donor John Morgan, Stone, and many other heavy hitters from all over the country.

“I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative, you could even be a communist. If you are willing to work with me on cannabis, I’m ready.”

Stone gave the address across the street from the Cannabis Expo that he was uninvited from a few weeks back, after a small group of dissidents forced the organizers to cancel Stone’s speech in a knee-jerk PC spasm.

To learn more about the United States Cannabis Coalition, click here.

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